Full Review | Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette

Damn when I saw this on Beauty Bay I got so excited…saw the price…insert sad eyes. I knew it was way out of my budget, but it looked so gorgeous and the quality was going to be so worth it. But I passed. Then the sale happened. And this went down to around £33 and I felt this was far more bearable to part with! And I did it! And I’m so glad I did! It has such a gorgeous colour range! Onto the review!

The packaging is so luxe feeling. It has a cardboard cover with lots of embossed dots and lines, which was stunning, however I threw it away! How dare I! But then the actual palette is a black almost a soft rubbery feeling and fairly weighty! Which makes me feel like it was a more justified purchase! Due to how luxury it feels. Then you open it… insert angel chorus here! You have a gorgeous range of shades from a lovely tan range to deep cranberry purples to bright golds and rich browns! You can create a multitude of looks, both matte and shimmery!

The shades consist of:

Crown – White/Gold Duochrome

Royal Highness – Foil Taupe

Your Majesty – Foil Gold

Princess – Pink/Mauve Matte

Empress – Orange Matte

Queen Mother – Shimmery Plum

Heir – Beige/Tan Matte

Royal Prerogative – Camel Matte

Noblewoman – Shimmery Cranberry

Ladyship – Violet/Magenta Matte

Duchess – Mid Brown Matte

Dethrone – Shimmery Chocolate

The formula is so pretty! The foils are very soft and super metallic! So don’t dig your brush in there too deeply, you really don’t need to, this be PIG-MENT-TED! I dug a mini crater into Your Majesty, which broke my heart a little! But oh lord, she be stuuuunning! They re quite thick in texture and super creamy! The softness of the metallic shades make application so easy, both with a brush or your finger. But they blend together beautifully too. And even with the mattes! The mattes are also very soft and velvety feeling. However the shade Ladyship is a bit of a grittier and harder texture, but this does not detract from the pigment or blendability! It is simply just when you swatch it with your finger, when you notice this. But the mattes blend SO beautifully! Seamless texture! You can get such a soft gradual blend! I think my favourite shade in this entire palette is Heir. It looks like a boring beige shade. But I promise you! It makes blending so easy as it is like two tones lighter than my skin tone, so makes all of my blending look even softer because it has a skin tone base underneath the shadows, to blend into it! Such an underrated shade! But besides that, I love Ladyship, Noblewoman and Princess too!

Onto the looks I created with this palette!

Heir, Duchess, Princess
Princess, Ladyship, Queen another
Heir, Royal Prerogative, Your Majesty, Duchess, Dethrone
Empress, Heir, Noblewoman, Your Majesty
Crown, Princess, Duchess, Dethrone, Royal Highness
Heir, Empress, Ladyship

So…this palette is well worth the money. Full price too. Especially now I’ve tried it! I would definitely pay the £45 if I lost this palette or it broke!! I would say this feels like the most luxury palette I own. I can’t begin to describe the softness and creaminess of the formula! Like liquid gold but powder! It is gorgeous! They blend so well (how many times have i said blend in this blog post!?). But seriously! So stunning! The shade range is versatile and can create so many lovely looks! If you like warm and neutral eyeshadows. This is it! You need it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried this?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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