Collection Review | Clinique Moisture Surge Products (Mask, Hydrator, Concentrate and Mist)

I have very dehydrated skin on the dry spectrum. So my skin needs moisture constantly. But it can be sensitive too. So Clinique, when my skin is struggling, is ideal for me due to its nourishment and it’s lack of scent. So when I saw that it has a specific “Moisture Surge” line, I had to try it! And these are my opinions on these products!

In the Moisture Surge Line, there is an overnight mask, auto-replenishing hydrator (moisturiser), lightweight lotion, fortifying hydrator (oil free moisturiser), facial mist and concentrate. The products I didn’t pick up was the fortifying hydrator as my skin doesn’t really out so I don’t need anything defensive in my skin, plus I don’t always get on with oil free products, as it simply isn’t enough for my skin. I also didn’t pick up the lotion, as I prefer a thicker cream for my skin as it’s so dry, and a lotion again, just isn’t enough. However everything else, I have. So shall review!

72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator – This is described as a cream/gel formula ideal for consistent hydration both immediately and long term. The auto-replenishing concept is because the caffeine in it, stimulates the hydrating products, such as aloe water and hyaluronic acid, to work long term. The texture is delightful. It is very cooling on the skin, but very hydrating. My skin literally drinks it up (lapping it up with its little dog like tongues)! I really do find it keeps my skin hydrated for longer than say my Glam Glow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturiser. I find when I touch my skin, it is still plump feeling and nourished. Even if it isn’t tacky. So I definitely find truth in the auto replenishing properties! It is the only cream that has provided long term relief from not only my dryness but my dehydration. I apply this twice a day and don’t get the tight feeling after cleansing any more, as when I cleanse, this is still in my skin! Fantastic cream! Highly recommend!

Overnight Mask – Some masks are very sticky and claim to be overnight but you know full well you are getting pillow fluff on your skin and thus, sticky pillows. This basically feels like an intense cream. Not sticky, feels light for a mask but it provides oodles of hydration. It claims to build reserves for the morning before you hydrate. And I believe that because normally after a shower and cleansing I get that really tight feeling where I can barely smile without feeling like I’m going to crack. And if I use this the night before IT DOES NOT HAPPEN! I have a window where my skin still feels moisturised without any product! One of the nicest masks ever, and as you don’t rinse it off, it really nourishes every layer of skin in the 8 hours or so that you’re asleep!

Face Spray – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FACE SPRAY! Like one of the nicest sprays I have ever used. It has a productive jet that provides even coverage of the product over the face! It provides a layer of moisture where you apply it. And what’s fabulous about that is that after applying makeup, I spray this and I have a protective layer of hydration, so my dry patches don’t show through. I also use this as a way of diluting my toner on my skin and this, again, provides that layer of moisture before I apply my serum! It works so well! If say I get a dry patch in my foundation, i apply this, tap it in, and the dry path is undetectable! It is incredible! I’ve not used a spray like this before! And I’m gutted I only have a mini! Imma be picking up the big one!

Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate – This has the most unique texture. It goes from a gel and when blended into the skin it turns to water! You apply this AM and PM for an instant fix to dehydration. Exactly what it does! It’s just so quenching! It claims to have antioxidants that prevent the cycle of drying. And I feel like this is true, as when you apply it, it does apply like a barrier. Almost like NOPE GIRL, YOU NOT BEING CRUSTY TODAY! And I notice when I don’t apply this as I feel like my skin gets tighter sooner, so it kind of does break the cycle. Applying this as an extra step is definitely beneficial if you have dehydrated skin because it seriously helps your thirsty skin lap up extra moisture. I normally apply this before my moisturiser and my moisturiser then sinks in so nicely and provides extra nourishment for longer! Such a go to product for dehydrated skin, I haven’t used anything like it!

And that’s the Moisture Surge Products! These are so worth the money!! The products are perfect for any skin tone as it has variations for oily skin and for dry skin. I obviously picked up the ones for dry skin! But if they are as good as these, you will be in for a treat! For oily skin I still recommend the concentrate and overnight mask due to their lightweight formula. And oily skin needs moisture too, and at least overnight it’s okay if you look shinier as you will cleanse it off in the morning anyway! And it isn’t like a thick weighty Cream. It is almost like a lotion feeling. And then apply your oil free cream and jobs a good’un!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you taking the time to read this!! 💛✨

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