NEW SERIES | Movie Character Makeup | Pans Labyrinth “Faun”

For the next series I’m doing is to be Movie inspired makeup! Now I have a lot of love for horror films, so these won’t ALL be super cute girly and wearable makeup looks! However there will be character inspired makeup looks as well as themed and gory ones! It gives me a chance to be super creative, which was the whole reason why I started getting into makeup! So if you have any movies you’d like to recommend let me know, a this is as much your series as my series too! And you won’t want to just deal with my favourites! Which can sometimes be quite obscure haha!

Pans Labyrinth, one of my favourite films. By one of my favourite directors creations. Guillermo Del Toro! He has a brilliant mind with an incredible vision when it comes to film making, and the visuality that comes from them. A fairytale is how he describes this. But it is a dark and twisted fairy tale. Which I am all about! So wanted my first “Movie Character Makeup” look to be of one of my favourite film characters.

Faun. The character that first indicates to Ofelia that she is in fact a princess. And in order to become this princess and reunite with her true parents in the Underworld, she has tasks to complete! Guillermo describes him as neither good or evil, and I completely understand and agree. He is a very neutral character, which is unique as there are nearly always a line in characters of either good or evil!

I started the look with contouring the eye shape so it looks more winged, similar to the shape of the eye of the Faun! He actually has a very angular but deer like eye shape, which I wanted to replicate. I then marked in the swirl brow bones. Starting from the swirl and flicking it slowly with an angled brush, to create a thicker line. All done with a taupe powder shadow, but can be done with contour or cream shades too, depending which you prefer! I then deepened up the outer v with a darker brown eyeshadow and contoured me brow too, to create a higher crease, which the Faun has. He hasnt really got a crease, but the swirl, would need to join to something, so it doesn’t look like it’s floating. I then replicated the creases around the eyes too with the same shade and the line under the eye too. Eyeliner time. I created a strong inner corner flick, to replicate the deer like eye, and winged it out too, to give the angular appearance! I then highlighted areas to create dimension to the “creases” and used a white pencil liner and then a white liquid liner. Finally I applied mascara, and the look of the Faun, is complete!

Now these are only my interpretations. Not a like for like look. As I don’t have a deer like facial structure! But I hope you enjoyed this! Any film recommendations? Leav3 them in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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