LookFantastic Subscription Box | June 2019

My box this month was slightly delayed in shipping, however I didn’t mind as I was working, and received it when someone was in so managed to still get it by the 8th June! But I *accidently* saw a sneak peak on another bloggers website. And I have to say, my initial response was “oh…”. I was a little disappointed. Now I love makeup and skincare! And hair care to a degree, because my short hair dry and hard to tame sometimes! So masks, conditioners and styling sprays are fab! So the thickening spray I know I can use! And I’m glad I got that opposed to the surf spray, which she got. And the eye irritation cream, very useful, as I get hay fever! The lifting cream I can use too but I wasn’t celebratory over it, as I’m only 23, nothing needs lifting just yet! But soap? Okay I get it’s Korres; a very lovely brand. But I personally don’t use bars of soap. I just find them a faff personally and don’t find them as effective and hygienic as a pump soap. So that is one product I can’t use. And the peeling mask? That states your skin will look red when you use it. That’s a red flag for me because I have sensitive skin, and my skin can sting and go red at normal products, let alone one that actually states this. So this is a big no no for me! And finally the serum. The product that excited me the most, can you SEE the size of it? Come on! I found that slightly ridiculous. Deluxe sizes I completely understand, and completely get you will find them in these Subscription boxes because they are a great way to test products without committing to a full product. But the size of this, I’ll be honest, I found laughable. I would have rather a larger size of that and scrapped the soap and the peeling mask! Less products wouldn’t bother me as there are two products in here that I simply won’t use. I know that is always the risk with Subscription boxes, but this is the first time I was genuinely sunken by my box, and it isn’t a great feeling when you don’t have a lot of money, and this is your only luxury and you get stuff you can not use. Well I guess my Christmas gifts box for people will start to fill up after this box!

Korres Olive Traditional Soap Olive Blossom – Now I personally don’t use bars of soap for my own reasons of not liking them as much. But I know people who do, so shall put this towards their Christmas present as I know the brand itself, Korres, is delightful. Plus it’s 98% natural, which I think is very attractive!!

Filorga Lift-Structure – Now I don’t need a lot of lifting, and collagen is an ingredient that WILL NOT soak into your skin. Research suggests the molecule itself can’t pass the skin barrier, so any product advertising this, is basically lying. Find out more with JenLuvsReviews! She explains it perfectly! But slightly disappointed that Filorga, a brand I actually enjoy and respect, has its own collagen product. Along with other brands I respect too, but that’s by the by. But what I will use this for is puffiness and inflammation. As it states the Hyaluronic Acid will help with that, and I personally LOVE Hyaluronic Acid as my skin laps it up like a thirsty dog on a hot day!

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Go Big Spray – I have thick hair and short hair, but I love volume. So I’m SO relieved I received this spray over the surf spray as I dislike the salt sprays as my hair is actually quite dry already, and I find it gives it a nasty texture on my short hair. But the thickening slush will help strength and texture and help it feel super soft and healthy, which I’m all about. Very excited to try this, as this is my first Bumble and Bumble product I’ve tried!

SVR Topialyse Palpébrale Dry + Sensitive Eyelid Cream – My eyes are sensitive and due to my hay-fever in the summer, lasting from April – October, puffiness, soreness and dryness is a symptom I get a lot. So I am so chuffed to have a remedy for this! It states to deliver 24 hour hydration that immediately reduced discomfort. I’m all for that! I shall let you know how I get on!

BioEffect EGF Serum – Suler excited to try this serum, but seriously, the size of this? My old Polly Pocket dolls were bigger than this. I was a little disappointed not gonna lie, but I am looking forward to try it. EGF is a human protein and thus serum has a plant based replica to this. So it will act as an anti-ageing treatment. Which I’m not completely in need of at 23. But this also states it will moisturise snd rehydrate, which I really DO need. So I shall use it with that purpose in mind! Looking forward to try this. Even if the size was abysmal.

Ecooking Peeling Mask – NOPE! NOPE NOPE NOPE! This is gonna sting and it’s going to irritate my skin, and that is an advertised symptom of using this product. Mother of all nopes! My skin stings and turns red with products that aren’t supposed to. So personally will not ever try something that is advertised as an irritant like product! I know it has benefits, as the AHAs are great for removing dead skin cells, revealing an brightened and less dull appearance! Wonderful and it states it will reveal results in a mere 10 minutes. But I will not be trying this. I struggle with sensitive skin, and personally avoid anything that stings my skin! My sister however, is delving into the world of AHAs, so she can enjoy this instead!

And this is the June box. Like I stated, disappointed. But out of half of the year, and to be disappointed with one box, I’m doing pretty well. And I still do really enjoy the LookFantastic boxes! It isn’t clouding my opinion of them at all. As even with this disappointing box, I still have products I can use! So not yet received a box where I’m like WTF DO I DO WITH THESE! So that’s a bonus!

I hope you enjoyed this post, what did you think of this box? Would you be disappointed with this?

Thank you so much for reading!

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