Project Pan #2 | Update

We have officially hit pan on many items! And even used up a couple! This project is well and truly underway with results! So I thought I would update you on my Project Pan so far! I’m really enjoying “shopping my stash” as I not only save money but I also get to make more room in my makeup collection (for more makeup…sssh!).

Lets start with the products I have officially hit pan on! And I am continuing to use. My No7 Matte Mocha Eyeshadow I use for my eyebrows, and LOOK! I can see the pan! And we have a fair indent on there too! I’m overjoyed! But also saddened as I genuinely don’t have a back up of this…so I will have to repurchase a new one when I’m out! We have also hit pan on the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. And when I say hit pan, obviously there is no pan with this…but we can see the bottom…sorry for being pedantic. I do have a back up for this, so I’m not overly bothered about using this up. It is a lovely pink toned nude with the most perfect texture for adhering eyeshadows!

All of the other products I am using, but I haven’t made a massive impact on! I’m nearly out of my NARS concealer, probably 4/5 more uses. My Morphe highlighter does have a dent in it! My Moisture Surge Concentre I did leave at my boyfriends (oops) so I was without for a week. BUT I am back using it, and am about half way through it! The other products…I have used up! I know…I’m so proud. And I am going to discuss my opinions and which product I’m moving into using up next!

Insert sad violin music. My Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder is officially dead. And I absolutely love this powder, so I’m slightly gutted. However I have a good product to replace. The BareMinerals Translucent Powder Duo! This is such a. Finely milled powder, but doesn’t provide coverage (duh…it’s Translucent Emily!). However it has two finish options! Matte and Glow! The glow is reminiscent of the Hourglass but with a bit more of a sheen. And the matte is an all round perfect powder to set and mattify your face! And I’m already well underway making a dent which is super exciting!

I am officially out of my Clinique Moisture Surge Spray. And if I didn’t have an immense collection of sprays, I would ABSOLUTELY repurchase. The tackiness it gives my face is delightful. It makes me feel like I’m hydrated underneath and over makeup. And locking in that moisture. My back up is the Urban Decay All Nighter, which I really enjoy and it has about 1/2 left! So another eco pick! I find this one is less moisturising but the LASTING POWER! Phenomenal! I notice when I don’t use this! So I’m super excited to wear this for my 9 hour shifts for work!

And that is my first update of my Project Pan! My predictions is my setting spray and concealer will be well and truly gone! And I think I’ll make more of a dent in my other products. I can’t wait to hit pan on the highlight though!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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