First Impression | Naobay Origin Recovery Mask

I’m getting so obsessed with face masks, and I was all ready for bed early and thought I would try a new one, and saw this was in my “to try” drawer from my LookFantastic boxes. So picked it up and gave it a go!

I applied this to my face with a flat paddle brush and on freshly cleansed skin. I had never felt a face mask feel so nourishing. It was like being kissed by moisture! It had a light and airy texture, but damn this feels so rich on the skin! Not in a thick claggy way, but in a “my dry patches are melting away as we speak” kind of way! It is delightful! The ingredients in this are very “hydration orientsted” with lots of natural oils that promote the restoration of fatty acids in your skin! And you can tell because it is like your skin breaths a sigh of relief on application!

You leave this on your skin, as stated, for around 7-10 minutes. And what surprised me was that this dried down! Like completely got soaked up into your skin. And your skin feels powdery after. So odd, but it makes me skin feel so soft, smooth and velvety. When rinsing this off it turned into a light paste with what was left on my face, which was nice as I felt like the remainder product was also going to be soaked up into my skin and hydrate me! It is such a luxurious feeling mask.

All in all I absolutely love this mask! And I will definitely be buying a new one when my deluxe sample from this has ran out. I just haven’t felt a mask like this! It was so luxe and spa like! My skin actually said a little thank you to me!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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