Full Review | Smashbox “The HoodWitch” Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss

I have really been getting into lipgloss recently! I didn’t wear it for ages because I had super long hair a few years back and hated to getting in my hair! Then I though to myself…my hair is short now….this isn’t going to happen! So I fell in love with lipglosses again and saw that these were brand new, and there was a points perk at Boots! So I just had to, you know?

First off the name…Gloss Angeles? Amazing…so clever! Secondly the packaging. I love the crystal illustrations on the cap and the component is a delightful. You have a clear container so you can see the colour very clearly. And the doe-foot applicator is so universal and comfortable to use!

The collection was the Crystallised collection with The Hood Witch, and is very inspired my mystical and magical items! Very witchy if you ask me, duh, the name is hood witch, but you know what I mean! The collection comes with a highlighter, eyeshadow palette, primeriser, primer waters, shimmer drops, liquid eyeshadows and lipglosses. I was going to pick up the highlighter, however I have a couple similar ones, that I already don’t wear frequently enough, so thought it best so give it a miss. But I’m still tempted to try one of the primer waters! Would you recommend? What do you think of them? But I deffo wanted to try the lipglosses because the colours looked so unique and stunning. And I wanted to try the formula so I could see the texture!

The texture of these lipglosses are gorgeous. Very nourishing, a little bit tacky but I don’t mind that. Kind of balmy over sticky! It isn’t sticky at all. It has a thicker consistency too, which I enjoy because I feel like it will last that little bit longer, and stay put rather than slip and slide all over my face! Free Spirit is a beautiful hot pink/ruby look! With gold and pink glitter in there! It is the most pigmented out of the trio! And looks very illuminating for the complexion! The texture is delicious too, just like I described! Nourishing and not gritty, despite there being beautiful glitter in there! Practical Magic is probably my favourite shade. It is a nude with gold and pink shimmer in there! So natural looking and will go with ANY eye look, due to how neutral is looks! The gold sparks a bit of warmth where has the pink gives a bit of coolness too it, so will suit any skin tone due to how neutral the overall look is! It isn’t overly pigmented either, just a gorgeous wash of sparkle! And with it being a pale nude, I think it if was any more pigmented it would make it less universally flattering. Same texture, I’m in love! Ya Heal Me is a gorgeous mauve with a blue/lilac shimmer to it! It is such a unique lip gloss colour. The mauve isn’t overly pigmented, but the sparkle is so striking! The blueness is very brightening for your complexion and is great for enhancing whiter teeth!

All in all, I love these lipglosses! And it definitely makes me want to try more of the Gloss Angeles, away from this collection! Stunning formula. Beautiful effect on the lips. So lush!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you’ve tried these? Or if you have any other colour recommendations!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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