Disappointing Products | June 2019

Oh I love and hate these posts. I love reading them because I find they are the other useful to filter out any products you want to buy but wish you knew if they’d work out for people you trust. They don’t? Won’t purchase then. I also really enjoy writing them for the very reason if telling you which products didn’t work for me. Just in case you trust my opinion! I know, scary! So I thought I would show you the products I used, and was expecting more of. Not necessarily bad products (I’ll state if they are) but mainly the ones that just weren’t living up to the hype I set up in my brain!

Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Highlighter (Electrify) – Now I love Makeup Geek products and adore Marlena. This highlighter was advertised as duochrome, and I was expecting a pale vanilla with a neon yellow green pearl. And it was just a pale highlight with a slight yellow tinge. It isn’t bad, not in the slightest. But with a name like Electrify and stating it was duo chrome. I found it “meh”.

e.l.f Hydrating Bubble Mask – Now I did a full review on this. And I have processed all the information I have found from using this multiple times! And I am disappointed with it. It’s a nice purifying bubble mask. Draws put impurities, and clarifies my skin. But hydrating? Nuh uh. I found this so stripping on my dry skin! So I don’t use this when I’m struggling with dryness. I do enjoy using it, but not in the way it is intended. Only when my skin is plumper and hydrated. And then will follow up with an immensely nourishing cream afterwards! Because damn, when I say it strips, my skin feels so taught I feel like I’ve had Botox!

BH Cosmetics “It’s My RaeRae” Brush Set – Now I was going to get the palettes, and review this collection fully. But I tried the brushes and was like “oh”. The bristles are very bluntly cut. And feel exceptionally cheap feeling. The handle, beautiful colour! But the actual brush. No. Cheap cheap cheap. And this breaks my heart because I LOVE BHCosmetics! So much! But these brushes were not on. They shed all over my faces the felt somewhat scratchy and like I stated, just feel so cheap. I’m just glad I didn’t purchase them full price! Their other brush sets, are so much better, give this one a miss!

Mario Badescu Eye Makeup Remover Cream – This is a very thick cream so I thought, fantastic, this is going to be so emoliant it will melt ALL of my makeup! Can’t wait. Tried it. Nope. Not happy. It did remove makeup, after immense scrubbing and wiping and a bit of sandpaper. Not literally, don’t use sandpaper. But it felt like I had after I had finally removed my makeup. It took ages. And was so claggy and thick, that it left my pores feeling clogged. And it didn’t hydrate my skin with this thick texture either. It just left it feeling bleh. I know unprofessional description, but I have no other way to describe it. Bleh describes it perfect. I expected more from it. There we go!

e.l.f Moisturising Sleeping Mask – This basically feels like a light moisturiser. I was hoping for so much more. One of my favourite Overnight masks is the Clinique one. And it hydrated my skin so well, feels so nourishing and helps nourish my crusty skin. I know, sexy. Whereas this, just felt very light and lacked that extra nourishment and hydration. It moisturised yes. But not enough to last my skin all night. I woke up with bone dry skin, kind of like Cassandra from Dr Who. I needed my moisturiser urgently. It was just, again, meh. I’m sorry, I promise I shall make my vocabulary more advanced soon. I owe you more than meh and bleh!

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – Now this does work. It’s a great conditioner. Mask though? It’s not Hydrating enough for me, in my opinion. My Aussie conditioner and even the one I grab from Aldi when I’m on a budget, works just as well. This works, like I said. It’s just not super special. And not worth the money. I’m glad I received this in my LookFantastic box, as I do enjoy it now I have it. I just don’t think it’s groundbreaking! If you want an amazing mask the new Garnier Ultimate Blends 3 in 1 masks are incredible. The banana one 😍😍 I can’t even!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!! Sorry for the slight negativity! These siding work for me, but they may work for you! You might be less crusty than I am, in which case the e.l.f products will work well for you!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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