First Impression | Lime Crime Hi-Lite “Unicorns” Highlighting Palette

Lime Crime…a brand that is not entirely loved when it comes to the beauty industry. But not because the products are bad! Not at all. More because the way the company handles complaints and bad reviews, the website breach in 2014, racism (including a hitler costume) and issues with the FDA. That being said they have positive points too. They are vegan and cruelty free, which is amazing! Thus more inclusive for everyone who may have limitations due to ethics and beliefs! But they also don’t compromise on quality. And from what I’ve heard, the products are really good. And from what I’ve swatched in shops, the formulas are lush. That being said I do NOT support the racism, nor do I support the fraud, FDA issues etc. Not in the slightest. So why am I reviewing these? I want to do an honest review, about how the products perform. Nothing else. I know the facts about the company but I’m not going to let that cloud judgement on my reviews. This is simply, are the products good or bad. Which formulas are lovely, which could be better. So for people who are toying with the idea of buying them know whether the products are good. Because don’t get me wrong, they look like beautiful products! And to people unaware of the issues surrounding the brand, and just want to know whether they work well, I thought this would be useful! As when I was looking for reviews there was barely anything on whether the products work well. Only on the controversial aspects of the brand. Which I get entirely. It is a very current issue with beauty companies! But I just want to see how these products perform. That’s it. Without thinking “the products are nice, but I can feel chunks of fraud in the pigments”. We all know that’s wrong. We all don’t agree with that. But are the products any good? Take a read. I have lip products to review, a highlighter palette and eyeshadow palette! Are they any good? Let’s see shall we?!

First off the packaging is lovely. It’s cardboard, but not the ABH Moonchild, cheap ass cardboard. More the luxe, thick cardboard with backing. The holographic packaging is beautiful! I am in love! It is a pinky purple tone but shifts green and blue. I’m obsessed! You then have 3 shades; Happy Land, Frolic and Daydreamin’. You get a decent amount of product of each pan, which is 7g! Together making 21 grams of insane highlighty goodness!

The formula is lovely, and quite unique. It is soft, but still quite hardly pressed. So to me, I find it very buildable! I can apply it with a dry brush and get a subtle wash if glow but then, spray your brush with MAC Fix+ and it does apply more pigmented! However I do thing the formula does hold the pigmentation back, I’ll delve into that more!

Left To Right (Happyland, Frolic, Daydreamin’)

The buildable texture means you can get that lovely gradient of pigmentation. So one swipe can give you the subtle wash and then apply it just in the centre and you get the multidimensional highlight look! That is a factor I really like about this highlight. It gives you a more professional/editorial look! Like you’ve spent more time with your makeup.

However the down side of these shades is due to how hardly pressed these are, I find that they feel quite dry. I thinks dupe for Daydreamin’ is Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Spark. I find the Morphe has a lot more of a soft and buttery texture with intense, one swipe pigment. Daydreamin’ requires a lot more work with spraying your brush and blending it a bit further. Still a lovely finish, but it just is a lot less intense! The other shades are exactly the same! They are nice highlighters, don’t get me wrong, they just aren’t as intense as I thought they were going to be. So that could be down to my high expectations! But I paid for these, and know I can get similar products (for a lot cheaper) that perform better. Makeup Revolution do the same shades as these for a lot less! And I think they are softer and more blinding!

Are they worth it? If you really like Limecrime then I’d say yes, they are. But you are basically paying for the name of the product, rather than the quality of the highlighters. Don’t get my wrong, they ARE nice. But they are just nice. Nothing more. Vegan and Cruelty Free which is great! And the packaging is delicious! But the actual highlighters, are simply average. So it’s a pass on my part.

If you are looking for dupes for these highlighters, I would say Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Spark. Which is stunning, soft and buttery! Frolic and Happyland can be found in the BHCosmetics Duolight Highlighting Palette, and the whole palette is around £10! And you get lots of stunning shades! And again, super soft and buttery! I would say get those instead of this!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know how you found these highlighters if you have them! Did you find them dry too? Or did I get a bad one?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

6 Replies to “First Impression | Lime Crime Hi-Lite “Unicorns” Highlighting Palette”

  1. Honestly I have shied away from this brand becuase of the bad press but I was always curious to how well thier bullet lipsticks were . They have a few colors I wanted to try and a few have gone on sale at Nordstrom and Ulta .


    1. I have a lip product review coming up soon, so stay tuned! I would say the bullet lipsticks are nice, however are kind of cheap feeling in terms of texture. The formula just feels a bit more plasticy. The high price tag is definitely due to the packaging! But they aren’t bad lipsticks, I personally prefer my MAC ones though!💛💛

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      1. I like both The Mattemoiselle matte lips and the poutsicle cream style . Like they’re both pretty pigmented and the formula goes on nice without streaking . Her blues are especially well formulated .


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