Product Wars | “Pie” Bronzers

The past few weeks I’ve been really getting into bronzers! I don’t know whether it is because the summer is coming (slowly might I add…but still) or whether I am getting more committed to warmth it gives you, which makes my usually dull skin look more alive. I dunno. But either way, I’m enjoying them!

Pie bronzers. Why? Well first, can you see how stinking cute they are? But also you get a more customised colour by swirling mainly in the pie brown, beige or pink! I have wanted to try the Too Faced Sweetie Pie since it came out, and managed to get an amazing deal on it on Depop. Brand new, never swatched and legit/genuine! All for around £18! Amazing! And the Cutie Pie Bronzer by MissLyn, I picked up in Primark, of all places! Yes they are actually selling branded makeup, and I bought this first, when I couldn’t afford the Too Faced one! Just to get my “pie bronzer” fix to see if I’d genuinely use it. And I used it a lot, so knew when I had some pennies, I could take the plunge and get the Too Faced one . And then I could compared the two for you!

First of all the packaging! Not just the packaging but the pan itself. It doesn’t get more adorable than this! The MissLyn one is obviously cheaper, so has less luxe packaging. It is cardboard, it I do absolutely love the art work and design of it! Very cute! The Too Faced one is a lot more luxe, very simple with the peach emblem and the name, but feels very luxe and nice to hold. The pans are similar, identical layout except the Too Faced one is a lot more glowy, whereas the MissLyn is entirely matte. Which is nice for a drugstore bronzer as most have glitter in them.

The product itself. The Too Faced one is delicious. It has a sheeny finish, not glittery, but it definitely illuminates, as you can see from the picture! It is a beautifully finely milled which means you get pigment on your brush with ease, and it blends seamlessly! It has a lot more warmth than the MissLyn one. Not in an orange way. But the MissLyn brown looks more “contour-y” whereas the Too Faced looks certainly like a bronzer! Stunning formula! I can’t get over it and I’m so overjoyed I have this in my life now!

MissLyn looks a lot darker in tone, especially brown. But it is a fairly sheer formula, but definitely buildable! So you get a similar colour to the Too Faced one. The matte finish is great, and gives a more natural finish without any sheen. So does look like a genuine tan, rather than makeup. Only thing I dislike about this one is the pan itself is hardly pressed. Like, very hardly pressed. So I find you really need to swirl your brush in there heavily to get product on you brush. Once it’s on the brush, it’s wonderful. It just requires more effort.

Both MissLynn and Too Faced have a very pale colour. Which to me, is great, as I am very fair. And looks like a natural tan for me. However if you are any deeper me, you will get far less noticeable pigment. You’ll still get a lovely glow with the Too Faced, but the MissLyn, due to its Matte formula, might not be noticeable at all. The colour is probably due to the highlight/pale shade being mixed in there too. If you concentrated your brush over the deeper tones you’ll therefore get a deeper finish. But if you want an easy, swirl it all together bronzer, then this might not be for you if you don’t have fair/light skin! Which sucks, because the concept is adorable, and more people should be able to try them out! I hope they come out with deeper shades, so everyone can enjoy these and make it more inclusive!

All in all I like both of these! They are NOT dupes for each other in finish though, only than design. If I want a more matte look (for example if I already have an intense highlighter planned) then I’ll definitely choose the MissLynn one. But overall, my favourite is the Too Faced one. Just because of the texture being for softer and it blends that little bit better and easier! It’s just beautiful and the finish is so sheeny. Deffo worth the extra pennies!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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