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Even though I have dry skin, I do like to powder my face. I feel like it makes it last longer, especially on my nose. And matte but luminous is my favourite kind of powder formula. So I don’t look dead and dull. Instead I have radiance but not sparkle. If that makes any sense. Skin like…that’s how I want it to look! Natural and satin finish. If,you can understand my jumbled way of saying this! *facepalm*

These are the powders I find I reach for/repurchase all the time! The more expensive powders I enjoy a lot, but haven’t repurchased as I use them sparingly! However the cheaper powders, I’ve found I use a lot more because they are more accessible on my limited funds, and still perform amazingly!

Honourable mention to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, which I have repurchased around 5/6 times! However the packaging is abysmal, and I find it always cracks/breaks every time, before I finish it up, meaning the powder gets damaged so I can never finish it, but I need to repurchase. But the powder itself is fantastic! Sets everything in place, is matte but not dull looking. If I had one on hand, I would chest and put this in the picture as my number 6…but my other one broke…of course. So I don’t have on to photograph!

Avon True Colour Flawless Mattifying Foundation (Fair) – This Powder I have used since I was 13, when my Avon catalogue was posted through my door and I had saved my money up for one or two items. And it was normally a face product and an eye product! And sometimes it was in the sale catalogue, which was always a good day! But it’s a lovely powder. It is matte, and fairly blurring too! It adds coverage without looking cakey, and is fairly finely milled but well pressed! A firm favourite for probably the longest! On par with the Rimmel Stay Matte In repurchases, but I’ve used it for a lot longer! Lovely powder! Would highly recommend if you’re on a budget but want a great quality powder!

NYX “Stay Matte But Not Flat” Powder Foundation (Ivory) – This Powder, for a budget powder, is phenomenal. The coverage it provides, without looking cakey and heavy, still looking luminous. It’s magic! I’ve bought this about 3 times, and every time I go back to this I am so impressed! It is a lovely tone too, not overly yellow but definitely not too pink! I just can’t get over it, and it’s around £10! Which is fantastic, and affordable! And it lasts SO long! Both on the skin (longest I’ve worn it was 14 hours, and it still looked great), and in the pan (you get a lot of product)!

Bareminerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo – I bought this powder at duty free before I went to Madrid! And I touched it and was shocked at how finely milled and buttery it felt. And when I opened it and used it for the first time I was not disappointed. It has a matte side, and a glowy side. Both work well on their own, the matte isn’t too heavy looking and the glowy side is very illuminating, and a little bit sparkly. Which I don’t mind as I powder the high points of my face (nose, chin etc) usually! But what I like to do is mix them together, and you get such a natural skin like luminosity but with added longevity! And it is completely undetectable on the skin, due to its translucent nature!

Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder (01) – If I had to choose an all time favourite powder our of these, this would be it. I bought this as it was apparently a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder! And I didn’t have the money at the time to splash out. And tried this and fell in love. It provides decent coverage while looking completely skin like. Beautifully satin. But not shimmery, it just gives you a youthful sheen! Not a sparkly in sight! I don’t know how they do it! I have repurchased this around 3 times. I would have repurchased it more but my local Kiko store is in Birmingham, so cant repurchase it easily! But it’s incredible! The best pressed powder on the market in my opinion! And it is pretty affordable, around £15!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Diffused Light) – This was my most luxury purchase around 3 years ago! I bought it when I was in Florida as this wasn’t readily available in the UK yet. Just in a few shops dotted around the country. So when I saw this I died a little bit. It is the perfect translucent slightly yellow tone. But the luminosity this gives is incomparable! It has a teensy but if shimmer in it, but nothing obscene on the skin! It just provides a less flat/dull appearance, and gives your skin radiance without glitter! It is pressed…but kind of has a Baked finish to it, which gives it a light and airy feel on the skin; nothing too heavy at all! It’s so lightweight on the skin! And you can’t apply too much of this. It can and will not look is very pricey! I think I paid $50 for this in the Sephora I went to! Which makes me feel mildly nauseous but I’m SO glad I took the plunge as it’s stunning. Would I repurchase? Probably…if my finances were better. But I am perfectly satisfied with my Kiko one which gives a VERY similar affect. And for a quarter of the price! But it is stunning and I do enjoy using it, and if I didn’t have it, I think I would miss using it! I mainly wear this on special occasions! Very sparingly! Just so I don’t become accustomed to the luxury haha!

And those are my top 5 (6) powders! They are all fantastic products! If you are looking for a new powder, PLEASE check out the Kiko one! You won’t be disappointed! I have seen it on oily skin and I have dry skin and it works wonderfully on both! Doesn’t add to your texture either. Such an amazing powder. If you have money to splash out, the Hourglass won’t disappoint! And if you just need a basic powder that won’t look cakey, the NYX one is fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I love writing these top 5 products, they are so much fun! And positive!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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