FULL REVIEW | Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette

Lime Crime…a brand that is not entirely loved when it comes to the beauty industry. But not because the products are bad! Not at all. More because the way the company handles complaints and bad reviews, the website breach in 2014, racism (including a hitler costume) and issues with the FDA. That being said they have positive points too. They are vegan and cruelty free, which is amazing! Thus more inclusive for everyone who may have limitations due to ethics and beliefs! But they also don’t compromise on quality. And from what I’ve heard, the products are really good. And from what I’ve swatched in shops, the formulas are lush. That being said I do NOT support the racism, nor do I support the fraud, FDA issues etc. Not in the slightest. So why am I reviewing these? I want to do an honest review, about how the products perform. Nothing else. I know the facts about the company but I’m not going to let that cloud judgement on my reviews. This is simply, are the products good or bad. Which formulas are lovely, which could be better. So for people who are toying with the idea of buying them know whether the products are good. As when I was looking for reviews there was barely anything on whether the products work well. Only on the controversial aspects of the brand. Which I get entirely. It is a very current issue with beauty companies! But I just want to see how these products perform. That’s it. Without thinking “the products are nice, but I can feel chunks of fraud in the pigments”. We all know that’s wrong. We all don’t agree with that. But are the products any good? Take a read. I have lip products to review, a highlighter palette and eyeshadow palette! Are they any good? Let’s see shall we?!

I’ll be completely honest the packaging immediately caught my attention. I love art and artists and the alternative Venus and the colour combination looked stunning. Then I opened the palette and the colour combination in the eyeshadow range made me swoon! The colours that caught my attentive on were In Bloom, Sage, Obscure, Laurel and Thorn.

The formulas vary in this palette! And not just from shimmer to matte but the mattes differ too! Which I found odd but not necessarily bad! You can see from the photo below how the shade In Bloom kicked up a lot of powder and the shimmer shades, pictured Crown, do tend to create that shiny film. However it I still usable, and doesn’t make it disrupt the pigment too much!

I found the mattes very blendable and pigmented and they were very easy to work with. I really enjoyed the looks I could have created which is what immediately drew me to the palette. The textures of the metallics were very foiled but smooth. But like I said, do create a film when pressed into the pan with a brush or your finger. The shades that performed the best were In Bloom, Sage, Stella and Forbidden. The not so metallic shades are more shimmer over foil. And when I say they are pigmented, cor blimey. You barely need to touch them with your brush or finger for full impact. These are great for going over a cut crease as they are effortless on application. There are a couple of duochrome shades too which are a lot sheerer but the shine you get from the shift is sublime! The shades are Obscure, a white lime and Radiant, a white gold/peach.

I am next going to show you the looks I created with this palette! And I absolutely loved the way the shades complimented my green eyes and pale skin! Super flattering!

Crown, Ripe and West
In Bloom, Stella
Sage, Laurel, Locust, Myth
Ripe, Phoenix, Forbidden
Radiant, Laurel, Locust
Ripe, Thorn. West
Mystic, Eve, In Boom
Ivy, Locusy, Obscure, Radiant

Classical, In Bloom, Stella

All in all I think this is gorgeous palette that performs exceptionally well. I would go as far as saying it has been one of my favourite palettes I’ve tried this year. The colour range is absolutely gorgeous. The formulas are beautiful. Not consistent from shade to shade, but doesn’t mean that the quality deteriorated through shades, they all work well, it is just that they aren’t all similar from shade to shade. There isn’t one shade that I’m disappointed in and I genuinely love all the looks I created and felt exceptionally confident in my eye looks. Very effortless to use, pigmentation is fantastic and the variation you can get is fantastic.

If I forget the controversy around Limecrime, I would recommend this palette to everyone. I only wouldn’t recommend it to some because the controversy was persistent. And I know not everyone will be willing to support a company with that. But if you can look past it, and simply want a lovely eyeshadow palette, I would highly recommend this! Fantastic formulas and delicious colour scheme! Can’t recommend the palette for the quality enough!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of this palette! Did you pick it up?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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