Lyric Inspired Makeup #5 | Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

I was inspired when listening to Poison Prince by Amy MacDonald to do makeup inspired by the song. So I thought, instead of doing the actual makeup look the artist wears in the music video, what about makeup that this song inspires you to wear! So this is the series! And I hope you enjoy it! Any song recommendations, leave a comment!

This song is one of my favourites. Since it has come out it is usually one of the first songs I listen to on my way to work. And I’m still not bored of it! It is a song that could be described as a song commemorative to loneliness. But to me I think it is more about missing someone who you went all out for but you really shouldn’t be missing because they didn’t appreciate it. Not that I’ve felt those feelings for a long time, due to immense confusion, but I soon came to my senses! I just think it is a beautiful song. The lyrics are so wholesome. So I wanted this look to create that! If you want to listen to this song, here is the link!

I wanted this look to be strong but romantic. The kind of makeup you would wear to grab someone’s attention. I debated colours for so long, but decided on these because of how they were borderline neutral, while still making a statement. And did have an air of romance to them!

I started the look with a base. This time I used the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I then went into the shade Simply Marlena by Makeup Geek. And very softly blended that into the crease. This was just going to be a transition from the other colours. I then went into Fairytale by Makeup Geek. And built that up in my crease too, blending seamlessly with the softness of Simply Marlena. With a smaller create brush, I went into Taboo and built a strong edge of the crease with this, and blended it into Fairytale. I then cut my crease using the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas. And went into a dampened brush and Makeup Geek’s Nostalgia foiled eyeshadow. And then in the inner corner I applied Phantom, also by Makeup Geek. I wanted the have a strong liner with this, because loneliness and missing someone has an air of darkness, sometimes grieving the time you had with them or what they did to you. And I wanted this romantic look to have an edge to it. I used my L’Oréal Paris Superliner Perfect Slim Eyeliner to create this. Along the cut crease I used the BHCosmetics Eyelights in Chill Pill and lined the edge of the cut crease with this for more definition and a bolder edge. Kind of a symbol of coming to your senses. For the lower lash line I applied the No7 Eyeshadow in Carbon Matte and blended Fairytale into that. Applied Phantom onto the brow bone. And applied mascara. And the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I really enjoyed creating this and I’m getting an idea of using symbolism in my looks now!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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