If anyone knows me…they know nails aren’t my forte. Not in an artistic way. I love nail art etc. But my nails have always sucked. I’m a nibbler. With that, I do this a lot of nail to work it’s and with that, I give up entirely.

I had a customer at work mention I should stop biting my nails. And normally I would be slightly offended. But in actual fact it gave me a metaphoric kick up the backside. So I went to boots and spent the last of my boots points on some clear false nails. This was so I could hide my horrible nails while they grow, and then I can do nail art, and they will look a hell of a lot better!

The combo I am wearing on my nails currently are on the picture above. I’m using Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Peanut Butter. And then on top the Under The Sea Nail Paint in Moonfish! And I loved the Pearl appearance! The way it looks neutral and nude with a peach duochrome but then in certain lights it has a powder blue/grey shift! In love!

So expect more nail art posts on my blog now. I’m really loving wearing them! And my confidence has already massively improved. Plus I love the tip tap when typing on the tablets and keyboards at work! It makes me happy, I don’t know why, don’t ask 😂

In this picture I am wearing my Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Plum and then over the top I’m wearing the Barry M Socialite Nail Paint over the top! I loved how girly and cute these were! And loved the shape of the nails, they are the Nailene Oval Clear Nails!

Would you like nail art tutorials? Nails of the moment? Nail polish reviews? Let me know! I just have opened doors on nail stuff right now, so I’m really into it. And if they weren’t such a nightmare to remove, I’d paint them every night if I could! 🙈

I hope you enjoyed this post! And are looking forward to nail stuff!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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