FULL REVIEW | Limecrime Lip Products (Plushies, Velvetine Matte Liquid Lipstick, Wet Cherry Gloss, Unicorn Lipstick, Diamond Crushers and Velvetine Lip Liner)

Lime Crime…a brand that is not entirely loved when it comes to the beauty industry. But not because the products are bad! Not at all. More because the way the company handles complaints/bad reviews, the website breach in 2014, racism (including a hitler costume) and issues with the FDA. That being said they have positive points too. They are vegan and cruelty free, which is amazing! Thus more inclusive for everyone who may have limitations due to ethics and beliefs! But they also don’t compromise on quality. And from what I’ve heard, the products are really good. And from what I’ve swatched in shops, the formulas are lush. That being said I do NOT support the racism, nor do I support the fraud, FDA issues etc. Not in the slightest. So why am I reviewing these?

I want to do an honest review, about how the products perform. Nothing else. I know the facts about the company but I’m not going to let that cloud judgement on my reviews. This is simply, are the products good or bad. Which formulas are lovely, which could be better. So for people who are toying with the idea of buying them know whether the products are good. As when I was looking for reviews there was barely anything on whether the products work well. Only on the controversial aspects of the brand. Which I get entirely. It is a very current issue with beauty companies! But I just want to see how these products perform. That’s it. Without thinking “the products are nice, but I can feel chunks of fraud in the pigments”. We all know that’s wrong. We all don’t agree with that. But are the products any good? Take a read. I have lip products to review, a highlighter palette and eyeshadow palette! Are they any good? Let’s see shall we?!

Limecrime have so many lip products. From formulas of liquid lipsticks, to lipglosses, to the actual bullet lipsticks and lip liners. All varying in colours and finishes! So I thought I would pick up the ones I could from the UK (besides the plushies glaze as I personally don’t wear metallic liquid lipsticks) and discuss what the formulas feel like, and how they compare to each other and other products on the market! They are in no particular order, just from ones I have chosen to wear day to day (which is difficult as my job has makeup regulations I.e. natural only). I shall discuss the pros and cons of each formula and show you a picture of how they look on me!

Limecrime Wet Cherry Gloss (Natural Cherry)

First off, we need to discuss the scent. Strong. But I absolutely LIVE for anything cherry flavoured or scented! And to me, this smells divine! It doesn’t taste of cherries, but the scent is delightful! If you don’t like cherry scents, like my mum hates it, then you will find this overpowering! The formula itself is nice. It appears as though it would be super globby and sticky. But it is actually smooth feeling! It does however “sit on top” and doesn’t melt into your lips. As you can see the pigment very much sits on the lips opposed to sinking in. Which I don’t mind particularly, however will effect the longevity as if you brush your lips against tissue or your hand, it will come off. However it is a thicker gloss formula, so it will last longer than usual glosses and won’t slip and slide at a gentle breeze, like some! So long as you don’t disturb it with tissues or touching it, it should last pretty well. For me, I wore it to work, and I had a 6 hour shift, and I still had a touch of moisture left on my lips at the end of my shift, but I didn’t eat anything, and only sipped my drink from a water bottle, so wouldn’t disturb the pigment on my lips much at all. But all in all, this is a lovely gloss. Won’t sink in, but provides a gorgeous colour, lovely creamy and shiny finish and a delicious scent!

Limecrime Unicorn Lipstick (Birthday Suit)

Okay so I remember when I was around 16 and watching lip swatch videos of these lipsticks and was besotted with what I saw! The colours, the way the texture looked and the saturation. Also being told they smelt like cake, that was also a winner in my eyes. The packaging is stunning, let’s get that out there! A stunning fuchsia violet shade with a holographic unicorn, simply gorgeous! But when I applied it to my lips (the actual lipstick now, not the packaging, duh!) I was mildly disappointed. The texture was matte, so dragged a little on my lips, but it had a sheen to it which made it feel tackier on the lips. Which I didn’t mind too much. But it didn’t sink into the lips, it just sat on top of them. And you got the awkward “butthole lip” a term RawBeautyKristi uses when the inner part of your lip becomes exposed when wearing a pale lipstick, and I have to say, it’s accurate. And it isn’t flattering at all. The colour however is lovely, my perfect nude shade. A warm peachy/pink! Beautiful! But I think the hype surrounded them is slightly over the top. I much prefer my matte MAC lipsticks! They sink into the lips, feel comfortable and don’t has that weird plastic-y sheen to render it from being a matte finish or a creamy finish. I’m just very unsure on this lipstick formula! There are certainly better lipsticks out there! I’m glad I got mine on sale as I would be extra disappointed having wasted my money on it full price.

Limecrime Velvetine Liner (Taupest) – This is a really lovely lip liner formula! Creamy, matte and blends into lipstick a dream. All over the lips it is slightly drying, at least for lil miss crusty over here. So I do perfect simply lining the edges with my lips. It isn’t so creamy that is smears all over the place, but certainly is not dry. It doesn’t drag. This colour especially is perfect for a “lip filler” effect, as with it being cool toned, it creates a natural shadow contour that simply looks like you have plump lips. A look I’m really into at the minute! I does layer under lipsticks very well, and doesn’t smear and transfer much at all. Is it kiss proof? No. My boyfriend soon discovered that he didn’t think this was his colour 😂. But it is long lasting! I wore it through a meal, where I had a halloumi and cucumber mint sour cream burger! And I still had it around my lip when I finished; I didn’t wear this all over the lips for that meal either, only the edges. But yes, really like this lip liner formula. Reminiscing the MAC Lipliners, in my opinion!

Diamond Crushers Lip Topper (Acid Fairy) – I’ll be entirely honest. I hyped these up. I saw the pictures and fell in love with the look of them so was very excited to try them. But, I’m gonna hate myself for saying this, was disappointed. They are a thin texture, very mousse like and airy. Metallic, Hell yes. And that effect is stunning. But due to the thin texture, you can feel the gritty glitter in there. And it does feel quite drying also. I wore this over dry lips (pictured). But also tried it over lip balm which made my smear all over my face and leave me with glitter EVERYWHERE. I also applied it over a matte lipstick, and it layered kind of funny for me. It turned the glitter the colour of the lipstick, and made it bunch up a little. So I wouldn’t describe this as a topper. As it only tops over dry lips. The tone, is lovely. The glitter is stunning. I just found it a faff, and quite uncomfortable. Which I’m gutted about, genuinely. I was so excited, if most excited about this.

Limecrime Plushies (Milk Tea) – When I first tried this I was not expecting the texture. I don’t know whether it is because I am so used to Jeffree Stars Velour Liquid Lipsticks. But when I say these Plushies are lightweight, I mean they are CRAZY lightweight. They are matte, but it’s just the texture you feel, not the product, your lips just don’t feel as creamy, but not drying. And the Jeffree Star ones are not heavy feeling at all, but the Plushies are just NEXT LEVEL lightweight. The colour is sheer but buildable. One swipe gives you a stain like appearance and then the second coat gives you the appearance I got above. They are extremely comfortable and last very well. For example I did a 10 hour shift yesterday, and it lasted MOST of the day. I say most because when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day, it was still on, but just a teeny bit in the centre was worn away, and the clarify I didn’t eat lunch so I wasn’t disrupting the product at all. So for how lightweight it is (how many times can I say lightweight!?) it lasts so well. My favourite Limecrime lip product without a doubt, I would love to pick a couple more up, especially Melon Smoothie! My eye is on that one!

Limecrime Matte Velvetines (Salem) – First Off this colour is the most flattering chocolate brown I have ever worn! Simply stunning! In terms of the formula, I was impressed. It dries down matte very quickly but still feels very comfortable! Kind of like an elastic matte finish, similar the the Jeffree Star ones which I love with my whole heart! They do, however, feel a lot thinner in texture. Hence the slight streakiness but I applied only one layer, so could apply another to help the appearance! But with one layer…they don’t last as long. I ate a sandwich on my lunch break and had some juice and I did get the not so attractive line around my lips that stayed but the centre completely rubbed off. So they will definitely need reapplication throughout the day if you are eating and drinking! But I terms of look and comfort on application, these are gorgeous! I would want to try a lighter shade to see how well they look, but this one, is delightful! Just doesn’t last the longest for a Liquid Lipstick!

And those are the lip products I could get my hands on. They do the Plushies metallic which I know I wouldn’t wear, but the texture is the same as the Plushies, it’s just the finish that is different. And they came out with a new gloss, but again, I couldn’t get my hands on them as when I ordered these, they were for USA/Canada sale only.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! I really liked a lot of what I tried, and there were only some factors to the products that I found disheartening. But all in all, these are great! Especially the Plushies and the Wet Cherry Glosses!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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