First Impression | Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub

I suffer from very dry lips and do get facial eczema, especially on the sides of my lips. Which sucks, especially as I love a matte lip. But those in crusty lips ain’t cute! Unfortunately. SO I have decided to give lip scrubs a go, and who better to try it from than Jeffree Star!? I originally wanted the Root-beer one, but I think it was discontinued or unavailable when I wanted to buy it, so I chose the Blue Raspberry Sucker because, if you know me, Blue food really excites me! The artificial E number goodness! Bubblegum ice cream, blue raspberry bon bons and blue slush puppies! They just really intrigue me! So I had to pick this flavour up!

The packaging, first off, is adorable! I love the chrome lid and the illustration on the side of what flavour you’ve chosen; very cute! You get 30g of product. And the ingredients consist of sugar, flavouring, and oils for moisture and preservatives so the sugar doesn’t go off! But sucrose and glycerine are the two top ingredients, so you know there is nothing dodgy added in there in high quantities! And everything is perfectly safely digestible, but I wouldn’t go digging in their with a spoon.

When swirling your finger in there, it is a very gritty texture! Which is great, as it’ll scrub all the dead skin off your lips perfectly! It smells….delicious, like SO good! And what is amazing about these lip scrubs, similar the the Lush ones, is that they are edible. As Jeffree says, don’t substitute them for a meal, but when using them on your lips, yes, you can lick the remnants of your lips!

As you can see I have a crack in my bottom lip in the centre! And had a lot of flakey and dry skin all over my lips. So I scooped up around a 5p size amount. And used my finger to rub it on my lips, and then pressed my lips together to further exfoliate my lips. And it left a lovely layer of moisture from the oils while I was removing the skin off my lips. I then licked off the remnants, how could you resist!? Tasted LUSH! Exactly like a blue raspberry lollipop! And then used a towel to rub off anything left on my face. Because I scrub fairly vigorously!

It left a layer of nourishment on my lips once the process was complete, very balmy in texture. And then it removed ALL dead skin off of my lips! You can literally see the difference, I can’t make this up!

All in all I love this product! I didn’t even know lip scrubs could work this well. I tried the Lush ones before, and I liked them too, but I just found they didn’t leave my lips feeling AS hydrated and did go funky after a while. But they do literally have two ingredients, sugar and oil, so no preservative to keep it fresh. Which I think is important in a moisturising inducing like this!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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