FULL REVIEW | Milani Baked Blushes

Now I’m not going to bore you with excuses. I love strong blush. Like, stronggg blush! Contouring with it, bronzing with it and all in all looking flushed and sassy. Love it! It’s not to everyone’s taste, I know that. But I love applying it, and it is probably my favourite part of my makeup! And it’s the product I always struggle to resist buying!

The packaging is super cute. I love that the colour can be seen through the packaging, which makes it easy. The only problem I have with it would be that it flips over to reveal a brush. I find that unnecessarily bulky and doesn’t add to the product at al. That being said, the gold packaging and visibility I really enjoy.

The product. Oh lord. It’s gorgeous. I wore Corallina all day everyday for months on end! I absolutely loved it as it was the colour I naturally flush to. So found it looked so healthy! They are so pigmented, yet blend out so seamlessly. I like to concentrate all of the colour in the centre, and it with any angled brush, is applied so effortlessly! And that isn’t just with the deeper colours. Luminoso, the favourite of the beauty community! And even this paler shade applies with fantastic pigment that can also blend out with the most delightful gradient! The product is powdery, with it being a baked product, however there isn’t a lot of kick back which I think is fantastic! With it being baked, that gives it the most beautiful sheen, giving you not only healthy colour, but a gorgeous natural sheen too. They are like a sheeny matte but with flecks of shimmer; some shades are more shimmery than others though. Luminoso being the most matte and Rose D’Oro being the most shimmery. But not in a bad way. Not at all. In the most natural, radiant way! No glitter, just sheen.

L-R (Luminoso, Rose D’Oro, Corallina)

What is great about these blushes is not only the price being at a very reasonable number. But the quality you get for that price! I have blushes that cost three times the amount that I really don’t like as much as these. Not saying those blushes are horrid, they aren’t, but their performance just doesn’t match up to the quality of these! I love the natural finish of these! Lit from within, natural flush of stunning colour. They sit on the skin with a delightful texture. You get 3.5g of product, which is more than a MAC Mineralise Blush at 3.2g for a hell of a lot more! They compliment any look and do not compete with any eye look. Even Corallina, the brightest blush of the collection, can be worn with a black smokey eye with silver glitter and you will still pay attention to the eyes over the blush. It’s the undertones of these blushes being of actual skin tones undertones which makes these so wonderful. Nothing neon, nothing obscene. Just gorgeous natural flushed colours!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of these products! I love them! I purchased them on BeautyBay so if you are looking for them and you’re in the UK, try BeautyBay!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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