Movie Inspired Makeup #3 | The Black Swan

For the next series I’m doing is to be Movie inspired makeup! Now I have a lot of love for horror films, so these won’t ALL be super cute girly and wearable makeup looks! However there will be character inspired makeup looks as well as themed and gory ones! It gives me a chance to be super creative, which was the whole reason why I started getting into makeup! So if you have any movies you’d like to recommend let me know, a this is as much your series as my series too! And you won’t want to just deal with my favourites! Which can sometimes be quite obscure haha!

This film gave me the creeps when I watched it the first time. The bit when she peels that bit of skin…NOPE! I cannot. But the makeup was so iconic that I just had to recreate it! So I’ll show you how I did it and I hope you enjoy!

I started the look using a black pencil liner to mark out the shape I wanted to create. I then went into a liquid liner, this time I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Liner. And I consolidated that shape. I applied feathery details to the beginning of the brow for a bird like textured appearance. I then filled in the whole shape with a black pencil liner. This time I used my Clinique High Impact Eyeliner in Blackened Black. I set this with Typographic by MAC. For the feathery details I went in with my BHCosmetics Eyelight in BFF and applied that to the sharp corner by the tear duct and onto areas of the eyelid. I went back in with my liquid liner before it set to create feathery effects again. I then set that silver cream with the eyeshadow Frosted Yum from Too Faced Power of Makeup Collaboration with Nikkietutorials. And applied this eyeshadow wet for a sheen of metallic wonderfullness! I applied that eyeliner to the lower lash line and tightlined with it too. Applied mascara. The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect. I debated lashes but it’s so dark you won’t be able to see them! So the look was complete after mascara!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I loved creating it!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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