Full Review | Jeffree Star “Androgyny” Palette

I wanted this palette as soon as it was released! But every time I could actually afford it it was out of stock. And every time it was in stock, I could afford it. But I finally got my hands on it and couldn’t wait to try it! So I have played with it and have plenty to say about it! So here is my full review on this baby!

To start with, the packaging! It is so Jeffree! So extra! And when I say that this is a massive palette, I’m deadly seriously! It be HUGE! But still lightweight and travel friendly! But the pan size is incredible value for money! And the bright pink “leather” is so lush!

So this is basically the autumn version of a rainbow palette, in my opinion. But instead of the classic bright colours, they chose earthy and almost murky colours. And I’m living! The texture of these shadows are perfection. The are HIGHLY pigmented. Not too soft, and were slightly harder pressed than expected. But not in a bad way. It just means less fall out and less crumbly in the pan. Which extends the life as you aren’t wasting product! And it also does not, in the slightest, compromise the pigment! They are the standard Jeffree formula! Which is beyond incredible! The mattes blend with such ease. The shimmers are so creamy they feel almost wet! And when you apply them wet they behave so much like a cream that I actually carved my crease with Frosting! Like wet gold! Just stunning! There was not a single shade that performed badly in this palette. They all worked cohesively and apart in such a divine way!

My favourite shades of the palette are Safe Word, Androgyny and Military! Safe Word looks like it’ll be too light but too dark to do anything, but it is the most perfect cool transition shade for the colourful looks, or on its own for natural dimension! Androgyny is a gorgeous not too maroon but not too purple shade that compliments my green eyes so well. I love pairing this with Safe Word for a soft blend! And finally Military. In other words, the most perfect light khaki of life! It is so pigmented and I probably the most versatile colour of the palette. It goes with the blues, it goes with the browns and goes with the warmer tones too! It just adds this murky ness to a look, but in the most sultry way! Giving a bit of a twist to a standard red smokey eye or a seamless blend with a blue smokey eye! So obsessed.

These are the following looks I created with this palette over the past few days! There are obviously so many more, but these are the ones that the palette inspired me to do most!

Swallow, Poison, Frosting, Military
Charm, Fetish, Dominatrix, Frosting
Charm, Military, Poison, Swallow
Safe Word, Frosting, Androgyny
Frosting, Charm, Fetish, Androgyny, Military, Poison, Swallow
Charm, Androgyny, Fetish

Deja Vu, Dominatrix, Safe Word

And those are the looks I created. I was so inspired by this palette and got a few compliments at work from customers which was lovely! They were so striking on my green eyes and I find it is the most complimentary rainbow palette ever! But it isn’t at all intimidating. The Top row is all neutral. And even Androgyny and Fetish are daily neutral. It is just the blues I would say would be more intimidating. However the tones picked, make them far more wearable! You can simply smoke them out as liner with Safe Word in the crease! Just a stunning palette! Would highly recommend!

I hope you enjoyed the looks and the review! What do you think of this palette?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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