First Impression | Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

I first heard of this foundation from sophdoesnails on YouTube! She raved about it and I thought I definitely wanted to give it a try. I love full coverage foundations as I love the look of a flawless painted complexion! And with this being a relatively low price for a foundation, I had to!

The packaging is very sleek and travel friendly. It is glass which makes it feel more luxe. And I like how you can see the product, so you know when you need to repurchase! It has a pump, yay, so it is nice and hygienic! All in all, I like the packaging,

The formula feels lightweight for a full coverage foundation, I can’t really feel it on my skin. Both coverage is incredible too! It covered my redness and dark circles and gave me a very even complexion. You can see the difference on the picture below between wearing it, and not! So in terms of coverage and feel, I was very impressed!

Appearance wise, there were some problems. It exaggerated my texture and did make my skin look cakey. This picture was unpowdered and I used half a pump, so it wasn’t a case f using too much either. And I think I know where I went wrong. Soph has oily skin. I have dry skin. I have lots of texture due to my dryness so that was where I think it started to go wrong. For dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this, as around my nose and eyebrows, it did cling to dry patches. If you have oily skin, I would HIGHLY recommend this! It lasts all day, for one, and is matte, so will provide oil control. The coverage is incredible, like I said, so I would certainly recommend this to anybody that doesn’t suffer from texture issues. Onto the picture below…

The first picture shows that I have lots of pores and wrinkles on my forehead. Now I’m 23…and I suppose I am quite expressive with my face, but this makes my forehead look horrid! I couldn’t believe it as I have never had a foundation do this to me! It clung around my eyebrows where I have dry skin, and made it look so cakey. The second picture shows my pores and dry nose, which I already struggle with. But look at my eyes! Even they look crepey and texturised! Now I do have dry skin, but I do t really struggle with many fine lines just yet! But my eyelid itself looks bumpy and gross! I really didn’t like the appearance of this!

The shade range, too, is abysmal…just thought I’d mention. This for me was slightly too pink for me, as you can see from my neck. But if you have medium/deep skin, they don’t include your shades, which is so unfair!! Come on, high street brands! Get your shit together and include EVERYONE!

That being said, all in all I would recommend this product to a certain type of person. If you are young and don’t have major texture or wrinkles and are looking for full coverage, long lasting, have relatively fair skin and require oil control, you might enjoy this! If you have textured skin or dry skin steer clear!!! You will look crusty!

I hope this made sense and you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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