My Perfume Collection + Preferences

I love perfume. And I know it isn’t makeup per say but I still feel it has validity in this blog! I mean it’s always in the same hall as the makeup. Plus who doesn’t love to smell good? So I thought I would show you my current makeup collection!

My favourite kind of scents are sweet sugary scents or fruity and fresh scents. I suppose I have quite an immature sense of smell. I like the candy, vanilla yummy scents. I love to smell edible I guess haha! However I do love citrus or fresh scents. My least favourite scents are the “cotton” and “floral” smells. I can deal with rose or lavender. And I absolutely love the smell of violets. But jasmine, blossom or scents similar…no. Can’t do it. It makes me feel choked or claustrophobic. Could be down to my hay fever…and repelling any kind of smell reminiscent of that.

The brand that never fails to fail me is Juicy Couture. Every scent I like. I’ve never gone “oh I don’t like that” and hope to collect a few more. They last well, are super sweet and juicy, like th name suggests. Absolutely divine!

My favourite scent on a bloke is woody and leathery. I think it smells so masculine and sexy! My boyfriend has Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male, which smells divine! I used to like Bleu de Chanel but has a lot of bad memories attached so not so much of a fan of that anymore. I also really love Diesel Only The Brave, and all variations of that scent. The Street one smells almost like root beer, the Tattoo one is slightly spicier and the original is a lot fresher! I love them! I think they smells lush!

ck one Shock – This was on sale and I loved how it almost smelt like soda! Had a fresh and fizziness to it! Very sweet smelling but not in a sickly dessert way, more in a fresh citrusy kind of way! I tend to wear this to work, as it isn’t overly potent but still makes you smell good.

Paco Rabanne Black XS for her – To me, this smells like a mix of cherry and black currant with a hint of something warm. It is my go to scent for when I go out out. Date night especially, as my boyfriend loves this scent on me, and always compliments me when I wear this one!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Original – This was my first grown up perfume! My sister bought it for me and I was so shocked she got me such a big size! But I love it. It has a lot of lovely memories attached! It is the scent I a,ways go for when I don’t know what to go for. It is sweet and juicy, that is the best way to describe it! Like your biting into some fresh fruit!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glacé – This was a great for my birthday off my dad. So holds a special place in my heart! The bottle first, I think describes me! But it is slightly lighter in scent than the original Viva La Juicy but has a hint of icing sugar or syrup to it! Not in a heavy way though. In an airy sort of way! Just a slight sweeter undertone than a fresher undertone!

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue – This was my breakup present to myself. I was going to Berlin the day after I had to end it with my ex. And needed a pick me up…so I bought a massive bottle. It cheered me up and was unlike anything else I have. Which felt suiting considering I needed a change! And a kick up the bum! And this did that. It is very fresh, reminds me of a mojito! But with a hint woodiness to it. It smells slightly more masculine, which I found very enticing!

Diesel Loverdose – This scent. If I had to choose my favourite out of all of them, it would be this! It is not only sentimental as I wore it to my first date with my boyfriend. But also smells delicious. Violety and powdery but with a hint of vanilla and citrus (maybe lime?). Or at least that’s how it smells to me! It is perfection! My all time favourite scent!

Juicy Couture Pretty In Purple – I was shopping with my boyfriend, and had a really good week financially so thought I wanted to mark this with a purchase. And I sprayed this and my boyfriend ran up to me and was like “THAT SMELLS LIKE LITERAL JELLY BABY JUICE”. He absolutely loved it! And that was a reaction I want when I wear a specific perfume! So I bought it, and it was on sale! I love it too! It does smell like sweeties! But has a fizziness to it too!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink 2 – This smells like berries to me, and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t last the longest intensely, but does leave a subtle fragrance of strawberry and raspberry and maybe a hit of champagne. No, pink gin! That is what this scent reminds me of! Now I don’t drink, at all, hate the stuff. But I love the scent! It does become more subtle but not unnoticeable! I can still smell it on my clothes after a day shopping with my sister!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir – This is a super sexier version of the origins, Viva La Juicy. It has a richness to it. Like a melt in the middle pudding as opposed to a chocolate muffin. It has sexiness and sauciness to it. While still remaining super sweet! It has a hint of cherry to it, to me. But black cherry; rich and delectable! Stunning scent!

And that is my perfume collection. On my list of purchases? DKNY Be Delicious Original. I love that scent has had a dupe for it when I was in high school and loved it! It is so fresh. I also really love Lady Million by Paco Rabanne so would love to add that to my collection. And of course any Juicy Couture ones I am yet to own! Would you expect anything less? The Fleur one is calling my name right now!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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