Top 5 | Bronzers

It was so hard to narrow all my bronzers down especially. But it’s done! And I thought I would share my top 5 bronzers with you. They are all different and I used them for different reasons! So I hope you enjoy this blog post!

BHCosmetics Floral Blush (Bahama Bronze) – This has a lot more red into it which gives you a more natural sun kissed look as the red gives you a slightly burnt appearance. Not in a bad way, more in a “I’ve caught the sun a bit”. It’s beautiful lovely buttery formula and exceptionally blendable! Seamless and smooth! Plus it’s highstreet prices! Which makes it more accessible for people!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (01) – This was the bronzer that started my love for bronzers! It’s matte but not flat! It does have a slightly sheen to it, but it is completely matte; how that works I don’t know, but it’s gorgeous! A lush terracotta tone, which provides a lovely warmth to the skin! Smooth seamless texture too!

Misslyn Cutie Pie Bronzer – This is a perfect multi use product. The tone of the bronzer is too warm for contour, but too cool to bronze so it gives you that happy medium between the two. So if I’m in a rush and want to contour and bronze in one step, this is perfect! Buildable texture, not ridiculously pigmented so you can’t over do it too. Very easy to use and very lovely on the skin!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost (Dark Horse) – This is the product I use when I want a shimmery bronzer look, as it is so multidimensional, gives you beautiful warmth to the skin and illumination. The shimmer is golden, and deeper than my skin tone so still bronzes the face and adds dimension to my face! So smooth in texture on the skin! As you can see mine is very well loved!

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer – This is my current favourite right now. It’s so easy to use. It isn’t very deep, which is the best in terms of inclusion. However for my skin tone or lighter, it means you can’t over bronze and it won’t look too heavy. Beautiful tone of gold rather than orange! Which makes it so natural on the skin, and looks like a healthy glow over a definite bronzer. It is so sheeny but matte, which adds to the natural look!

And those are my favourite bronzers! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What is your favourite bronzer of the moment?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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