First Impression | LA Girl Endless Semi-Permanent Auto Lip Liner

I bought one of these to replace my Avon Glimmerstick lip liner that got discontinued. And was actually pleasantly surprised. So decided to pick up a couple of other shades…in case it was a fluke. As I heard some bad stuff about these. And thought let’s give my two cents on these! Plus they are cheap as chips! Which is awesome!

The packaging is very travel friendly as it is automatic, so doesn’t require a sharpener. Not that I mind packing a sharpener for eyeliners and stuff but I know some people don’t enjoy it. And I love the fact you can see the colour from the outside, which makes choosing it quick! In case you’re in a rush! Very slim and sleek. I really like it.

The texture and formula. It is quite creamy on application but very matte so not THE most comfortable. And I did have a couple of dry spots on my lips so it did cling to those. However once exfoliated and supple and smooth, they work wonderfully! I know there were complaints on them snapping, but I didn’t notice any of that, personally. It saying it couldn’t happen. But for me it didn’t. Super pigmented shades, and only required one coat over the lips. Nectar especially blew my socks off, and is reminiscent of Anna Nicole from Jeffree Stars Velour Liquid Lipsticks. Super rich saturation!

The colour selection is nice, but the ones I got, I noticed something odd. Berries and Dark Plum were so similar. And I was hoping for a really deep purple, almost MAC Heroine inspired. But thought, okay, Berries will be even lighter. When in actual fact they look exactly the same! So I was quite disappointed in that as from the packaging, they look very different. Likewise when visible on the websites. However what you actually get…is almost identical shades. Pretty gutted.

All in all, I like the formula. Not a terribly uncomfortable matte, but instead a creamy but still dry enough for a long wearing colour. Colours though. I didn’t like how I bought two separate shades to get the same shade. If I knew that was the case I wouldn’t have purchased it. But even their swatches looked different. But on the lips…identical. Which was so disappointing. It’s a nice shade, don’t get me wrong. But I paid the price of two for the same shade. I know they are cheap but it’s still a waste of money, as it isn’t a neutral colour either. Anyway, rant over. The actual lipliners themselves are lovely. Longwearing and matte and doesn’t provide too much dryness on the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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