Full Review | Essie Nail Lacquer

As if I’m actually able to write about nail polish! My nails don’t like disgusting anymore! And I’m really enjoying wearing the false ones and they have given me immense confidence! So thought I would review these little gems as I heard so much about these when my nails weren’t up to standard, and thought I’d give them a go now I have better overall nail appearance! Onto the review!

I absolutely love the packaging of these! They are so pretty and luxe feeling! You could display them in your room and they’d make for perfect decor! They have a white “Essie” logo on the one side, and a clear embossed one on the side! I like both because you can pick and choose which side your want to display! I thought due to legibility, the white side would be better for photograph purposes!

The texture of these is very thin and watery. While still providing full on pigment! Which I love. I thought I would rather show you one coat of these, as that is the most important. Rather than showing two or three coats, because all nail polishes look great after lots of coats. It’s that initial first coat that speaks volumes! They dry super fast which is awesome. You can do two coats and by the time you’ve finished the last nail, the first nail is try. Apply a top coat and Bob’s Your Uncle! Sorted!

Saltwater Happy – This shade was the palest and patchiest of them all. It was very watery however could be built up. The first coat looked disappointing but the second coat did provide all the pigment needed. And the colour is so flattering and beautiful on the nails! So don’t take the initial coat as it’s main performance. Very buildable and dries super fast, so coat building is effortless!

Mint Candy Apple – This shade was all the rage a few years back, and I can totally understand why! This was after one coat! And boy it packs a punch! Still a touch of patchiness but you only need a very then other layer after it’s dried to get the full on pigment! It is super bright and fun on the nails! Paler in the bottle, just to warn you! On the nails it looks a lot more turquoise!

Chinchilly – First off, the name is adorable and describes the shade perfectly. It is very neutral so would be the perfect base for all sorts of nail art looks! This was probably the most pigmented of the bunch but this could be due to its neutral tone. Very high shine also, which is lovely! I love how versatile the colour is, and goes with any outfit or makeup look!

All in all I love these nail polishes! They are adorable in packaging and names and look absolutely stunning on the nails! Fast drying formula, perfect for the busy bee who wants a quick no fuss manicure! They come in so many shades, perfect for anyone! After two coats, you get full on pigment, which is fantastic! And for the quality and ease, they are a fair price at 7.99 a bottle!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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