First Impression | Milani Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer (Warm Ivory)

Concealer is probably my vice! It is the one thing, when I see a new one come out, I have to try. I get that itch and feel like it has potential to be the greatest concealer I have ever tried! So when I saw this came out on BeautyBay I had to try it, as I had mixed feeling about the foundation, but knew the coverage was high, so had high hopes!

I love the packaging and how it mirrors the foundation. Glass bottle feels very luxe along with the gold detailing! A regular sized doefoot applicator, perfect for spreading the concealer evenly on your face. All in all, I had no complaints about the packaging at all. Travel friendly and luxurious.

The formula I found was interesting. I picked the perfect colour for my skin tone, rather than a brightening, “two shades lighter” concealer. So this would be perfect for blemishes or for an overall seamless complexion, rather than a highlighted one. It has a decent coverage but not as full coverage as the foundation, in my opinion. From the picture below you can see a touch of my redness still peeking through on my eyelid along with the blueness in my inner corner. However overall, it did give an even finish. So did the job expected of it.

The only problem I found with this was the texture I have on my eyelid was slightly exaggerated. This was due to its self setting properties. Which I find genius really. It dries down to a powdered finish so you don’t really need to set it at all! So then texture I get is a lot better than the texture I usually get when setting my eyes with powder.

Another property I liked about this was the lack of creasing. The picture shows a powdery finish which in turn means dressing is minimal. Yes my texture and lines were exaggerated but there was no slipping and sliding so that concealed look would be long wearing. A property stated on this concealer.

All in all I quite like this concealer. Is it the best I ever tried? No. Is it the worst I ever tried? Absolutely not. And I did enjoy how my makeup looked the day I tried this concealer! I will wear it again with pleasure. The self setting properties thus leading to a long wear finish was very desirable in my opinion! And that is the main reason I shall continue to use it, as my other concealers don’t do that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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