Full Review | Spectrum Malachite Eye Set

I’ll be entirely honest, I wanted these brushes the minute I saw them. And not because of functionality and usage. But the colour. They pweety! I just had to, and after having some boots points and a bad payday, I thought, eff it! And bought the, after debating them for over a year. As they are £15 for the three brushes. When I could get my favourite Jessup set on eBay for that and get 15 brushes! But I couldn’t resist for much longer!

Spectrum B05 – This blending brush is fantastic and very comparable to the Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush! They make blending eyeshadow so easy as they are the perfect density. It’s fluffy and flexible enough while remaining decent structure so you can pack and blend for lid and crease work!

Spectrum A24 – This Eyebrow brush is perfect for applying my eyebrow powder. It’s too thick for carving out my eyebrows with my eyebrow gel. The spoolie is rough, so makes giving a fluffy brows and then the angled brush is soft so can pack the powder on with consistency of pigment!

Spectrum B05 – I’ve never usually been drawn to brushes like this, however after using it, I’m pleased I’ve tried them. They are the perfect mix of a packing brush and blending brush. The fluffy tip but flatter shape achieves this and it makes eyeshadow so easy! I’m both impressed and surprised I like this shape brush so much!

All in all I love these brushes. They not only are exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, the gold ferrules, lush green handles and lush green bristles. But usability and function is fantastic too. They price is up there for three brushes, but I do admit, they are worth it. And i have used more expensive brushes and not liked them as much as I like these!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you’ve tried Spectrum brushes! The Mean Girls set is looking at me too!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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