Full Review | Dream St. Kathleen Lights X Colourpop Palette

Colourpop has been a brand I have been desperate to try, and when one of my blogger friends was selling a couple, I had to snap up the opportunity to try them and purchased them, for a very reduced price! Amazing!

I love KathleenLights, she is so down to earth and genuine and also has a fantastic sense of humour. I value her reviews because she has a similar skin type to me, so can rarely get a recommendation from her that doesn’t work! And her collections with Colourpop are the products from Colourpop I have been most desperate to try! She puts so much effort into these collections, and you can really tell! So I was so excited to own this palette! And support her!

The packaging is absolutely stunning. The rose gold metallic sheen that pairs with the ivory is so striking! The marble effect looks so classy too! I think it’s gorgeous! Only down side was the lack of a mirror, which I really noticed when I took this to my boyfriends as I was left without a decent sized mirror to do my makeup. However I know the price is reduced because of this, which I think is very fair.

The eyeshadow. Oh lord, the eyeshadows. The formula is so blendable…and when I say blendable…like I need a moment of silence. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love how cohesive this palette is and all the colours go well together and can be used with one and other. I am literally obsessed. The mattes are so deliciously buttery and the shimmers as so bright! My favourite shades in this palette are Magical, Kaleidoscope and Spark! Magical is a stunning warm transition shade on my eyes which can be used with every eyeshadow in the palette to blend them all together seamlessly. Kaleidoscope is something else; is it blue, is it silver? I just don’t know. But I love it! On the inner corner this illuminates the entire face, and adds something so special and different! Dry, it works well, but wet! It is like liquid mercury! Spark is a stunning coral shade when works lovely with my green eyes! It is so soft and blendable and adds a nice exotic twist to any look! You can wear it in the crease or all over the lid for a simple look, but pair it with Mermaid Bay or Water Bearer?! Yes girl! Sweet Dreams, Elfish and Potion are honourable mentions, as they are also unbelievably gorgeous! I just found I used the other shades more frequently!

These following looks are the looks I created with this palette!

Shooting Star, Potion, Sweet Dreams
Elfish, Twinkle, Magical, Moony
Star Dust, Spark, Moony
Shooting Star, Magical, Kaleidoscope, Water Bearer
Magical, Mermaid Bay, Kaleidoscope, Water Bearer
Sweet Dreams, Elfish, Potion, Magical
Spark, Kaleidoscope, Water Bearer, Mermaid Bay

All in all I absolutely love this palette and love the looks I can create. You can do stunning neutral looks, pretty pops and some full on fantasy looks too! It’s so versatile. My favourite thing ever is the formula. Impeccable! And I can certainly understand the hype surrounding Colourpop and I wish it was more accessible in the UK! BeautyBay, please can you stock it!?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you’ve tried any Colourpop eyeshadows! What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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