First Impression | Jeffree Star Lip Ammunitions

As you are probably aware from reading a few posts of mine, I love Jeffree Stars products, besides the Lip Liners. But everything else, to me, is fantastic! The quality, formulas and pay off is fantastic! And as I have been getting out of the liquid lipsticks and more into the glosses and bullet lipsticks, i had to try a couple more of the Lip Ammos! I couldn’t resist! I already purchased Gargoyle, when it came out! The grey cement colour really intrigued me as I hadn’t seen anything like it before! But I felt like I couldn’t do a genuinely decent review, without trying a couple more colours. A) to keep my shopping habits active (I can’t resist okay!) and b) to see consistency in formulas! So let’s get onto the reviews!

First off, we need to discuss the packaging, as always. And like all Jeffree Star products, they are hella extra! Do we like that? OF COURSE! And I love how it isn’t just about how the component is useable but also how it looks on your vanity. Which I find Jeffree Star always nails; all his products are stunning to look at, as well as the way we use them! They look like bullets, which I think creates cohesion with the name and how they looks. Ammunition, bullets. It works! The packaging does change depending on the collection. I have two from the 2017 Holiday Collection (the left and the right) which I love. The packaging is super sparkly however very smooth! Which is wonderful! Not a gritty texture which sets my teeth on edge! And then the Summer 2017 collection has the chrome packaging, which is super sleek and stylish! He never fails in the packaging department!

The formula! Now I was quite shocked to discover these weren’t matte. And not disappointed. They are described as a moisturising but long wearing finish, which I totally agree with. They remind me of a mix between MAC Cremesheen in longevity but in texture, the MAC Amplified! So by that I mean they last longer than the average lipstick while still feeling nourishing and comfortable, but still have full on pigment! They smell like ice cream, which I would expect nothing less with Jeffree Star, aka the dessert queen! He has such a sweet tooth which I find so relatable! However the scent does disappear once applied. So it won’t give you a headache.

They are very nourishing! And do have ingredients like caster oil which means they will hydrate your lips while wearing them! Which I’m all for! However their nourishment, like I said, doesn’t compromise the pigment. Even the pale shade (Birkin Suede) is exceptionally pigmented! They last very well, for a moisturising lipstick. I wore Gargoyle when I went shopping with a friend, and indulged in an iced lemonade, and it did transfer on the straw, but I didn’t need to reapply. Only thing that happened was the centre got slightly less shiny, but the colour still looked fab! All in all, a delicious formula!

Birkin Suede – Of course, a designer inspired name. Which I think fits this colour so well. It is a warm pale nude, and for me, I prefer wearing it with a taupe lip liner, because I find on its own, it can wash me out a little. But it’s beautiful though! And very flattering despite its paleness! You can wear this with many many eye looks, due to its depth and it’s neutral tone. Be it a rainbow cut crease or winged liner, it is so versatile!

Gargoyle – The cement grey. It’s such a unique shade! I have not seen anything like this so I had to purchase it. I love obscure colours and I love greige colours too, like Posh Spice and Karma Velour Liquid Lipsticks are some firm favourites! I wear this with warmer looks, as I find it neutralises the coolness and suits me yellow toned skin more. However, to experiment, I wore this with the cool tones in the BH Cosmetics Royal Affair palette, specifically the silver shades and cooler browns. And you know what, it worked beautifully! So it is more versatile than you may think. Even colours will work, as it’s grey, so has no colour to compete with!

Allegedly – Now I was absolutely gutted when the doe-foot on my Liquid Lipstick version of this colour broke. I was heartbroken (yes I need to get a grip). And as I loved the colour, I knew I had to purchase the Ammunition version. And I’m so glad I did because the colour is stunning! A rich terracotta that is so flattering on my warm undertones! Super rich in texture, and I love wearing this with corresponding warm tones, or a simple black smokey lash line! I actually prefer this in ammunition formula, as I think the sheen makes it appear more brightening for the complexion.

So that’s my review on these little beauties! I highly recommend them. Will I buy more, HELL YEAH! I actually have Celebrity Skin on my list as it’s one of my favourite Velour Liquid Lips! And I want to see how I prefer the texture! And I’m dying to try the Summer 2019 glittery ones! 😍

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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