Makeup Organisation and Storage | August 2019

I have a lot of makeup! And not just because this is blog my hobby and I enjoy reviewing makeup but because personally, I absolutely love makeup. It inspires me and I love playing with it, even if I’m not reviewing or testing. I enjoy what it does for my confidence, I love testing formulas and I love generally just trying products out for my own satisfaction.

So I like to be inspired constantly and I find seeing my products, as as many as possible, to aid this inspiration. So I wanted to organise and change out my display so this happens on the daily. And I have found it really works. I normally draw two drawings a day and play with makeup at least once. But since this revamp, I played with makeup 6 times a day, removing various looks and reviewing and testing out looks and products. And for a few days I didn’t do a single drawing! Which is shocking for me, as I find drawing so therapeutic. And going through a difficult time at the minute, means I need that therapy. However makeup has acted as that now too, which is fantastic!

So this is my current organisation and I shall go through areas that I have photographed!

This is the top of my storage drawers. And I’m honest in my tag line, I certainly have a drawer full of makeup! Now I have one set of drawers with all my paints, pencils and other arts and crafts supplies. And then I have one drawer set full of makeup. But I get the top of those drawers which are perfect for displaying some favourites.

On the left hand side I have miscellaneous lip products; ones that I use daily and some that I just think the packaging is pretty! So like to see it as that itself is inspiring to me. I then have most of my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection. Yes I have a lot. But they are my favourite formula and I enjoy not only wearing them on my lips but also my eyes as yes, they are eye safe, so I do have some crazy colours too! I then, in the back have my brushes. I have my clean Jessup collection (they are my absolute favourite brushes ever) in the right hand orange pot. I then have the eye brushes that need washing on the left hand sided orange pot. Behind that one I have the face brushes that need washing. And to the right of that I have the face brushes that are clean or that I’m currently using!

On the right hand side I have all of my foundations and concealers I the back of the display. I did a massive de clutter of ones I simply don’t use, don’t like or is the wrong colour. So have ones that I use frequently only now, and I find it far more manageable. I front of that I have the remainder of my Jeffree Star Products (except Palettes) as the packaging really inspires me and is generally very very pretty! And the right of that I have my MAC Lipstick Collection. I recently decluttered loads of them that were expired, didn’t suit me or that I didn’t use. And this collection I use frequently and is still in date! I have enough used up lipsticks (FINALLY) for Back 2 MAC. And then behind my lipsticks I have two of my single MAC blushes, Breath of Plum and Gingerly (my all time favourite blush!).

In the flamingo glass I have all of my liners, both liquid, pencil, lip and eye. I should probably get another glass to separate eyes and lips. It’s on my to do list!

This is inside some of my drawers. These are the ones I reach for frequently so are the most organised! The rest of the drawer are a lot less cohesive and frankly, not as pretty! So you don’t need to see them haha!

The top drawer is my favourite drawer. All of my cheek products. Bronzers, blushes and highlighters in both singles and palettes. I love it so much, and I love how accessible the all are now, as before they were just piled on top of each other. The front of the, are all my high end blushes and highlighters. Behind that are my palettes. And then to the side I have more slimmer palettes. And then right in the back I have the remainder of my singles!

The next drawer are my larger palettes. I have my favourites in the front and my less used or of the biggest ones in the back. I find how visible these are, makes them more accessible and easy to use so when I’m not reviewing a palette and I can use whatever the hell I want, I can grab them with no hindrance!

The next drawer is most of my Revolution products. Palettes and glitters mostly. I really love Revolution as a brand, not only with the product quality but also the price making it so obtainable for more people with a slimmer budget! Like me currently 😅

The next drawer is lashes! This year has been the year I’ve really gotten into lashes! They make me so happy! And really frame the look and take it to the next level! I mainly have Eylure, Ardell and P.S…?. But do also have some I got from eBay in the back. I don’t use mine singularly because frankly, they are expensive and I can’t justify them for one use. So the once’s unboxed are the rotation I currently have for looks or daily use!

Then the pampering drawer…all of my face masks! I have all of my sheet masks in the back; some posh ones I got in my LookFantastic box or gifts. And then I have more affordable ones that I also really enjoy like Garnier, Holika Holika and The Creme Shop, which are me personal favourites!

I will update my other drawers when there is more organisation! And when I next do a rotation of displayed products and stored products!

This is the top of my chest of drawers where I store all of my underwear. So I want it to be super pretty still. I have two acrylic drawers that my lovely friend Anna gave me as they were excess for her. So thank you Anna, as you can see they were much needed haha! On top of that I have an acrylic lipstick and other makeup holder that I got from B&M, for a bargain price!

The top holder has all of my BHCosmetics Eyelights and Stila Glitter/Shimmer and Glows as I use them frequently for looks and need them on hand. I then in the back have some glitter lines, glitter glue and lipsticks that don’t fit in any of the other holders! No7 being the main culprit! Gorgeous lipsticks, silly bulky packaging for storage!

Then in the acrylic drawers I have more palettes. I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, both expensive and high street! The first set of drawers have my NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows (in a cheaper alternative Z Palette), Sugarpill eyeshadows, single shadows and a Z Palette full of my most used Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Then I have my BHCosmetics palettes which are fantastic and I can’t fault! And the I have my Zoeva eyeshadow palettes too.

I then, I the second (lower) set of drawers is my more luxe palettes, my Norvina palette and Urban Decay Electric palette along with half of my cosmetic glitter collection that I purchased from eBay! Below that have my Inglot collection. Then I have the rest of my glitters and my two Too Faced 12 Pan Peach Palettes. And finally I have the remainder of my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in my Z Palette which just about fits in that drawer!

AND THATS IT! I shall update you probably next year when I declutter again and reorganise, as different things may inspire…along with the collection growing because I have an addiction!

I hope you enjoyed this. These are my current favourite posts and videos, both collections and decluttering! They please me so much!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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