Collection Review | Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint

Ok so this is weird. Hello my name is Emily and I’m a self confessed nail biter. But I want that to stop. I have very weak brittle nails. And they always break. So I rip and bite them so they don’t look jagged and uneven. But in turn I’m then left with gross looking nails. So I’m delving into the world of falsies! And they have done wonders for my confidence! So here is my first review on nail stuff! I hope you enjoy!

First off the packaging is adorable! I love how you can see the duo chrome that you get from the polish and the cap is so cute! Very fitting for an Under The Sea theme. The colour selection is fantastic, some brights, pastels and neutrals! The names are sweet too, and do describe the colours well! I also like the brush, it is paddle shaped so you get a good grip around the nail! And as I’m not the best at nail varnish application then anything that makes it easier makes me very happy!

The formula is very quick drying which is a massive plus for me! I’m very impatient, and always need a wee when I’ve done my nails. No I haven’t learnt to go first! That would require logic, which I lack! They are sheer on first coat, but after 2/3 coats (except for Electric Eel which was a massive fail for me, however I think that is due to it being a dud one over it being an overall bad shade! Maybe mine went bad or dried out but I found it so sheer!). The paler the shade, the sheerer the colour, however it is more in an opalescent way over a transparent way, as the duo chrome is still very vibrant, even after one coat!

My favourite shades of the entire collection are Butterflyfish, Moonfish, Jellyfish and Angel Fish. Butterflyfish is a gorgeous blue with a pink duo chrome and is so flattering on the nails! It is fairly neutral too as it goes with both cooler tones and warmer tones due to its base colour having a contrasting shift! Moonfish (probably my favourite out of the entire collection) is like an opal. A grey base with a peachy shift and oh lord, it is stunning. I got so many compliments on my nails when wearing this shade! It is so unique! Jellyfish is the most beautiful lilac with a teal shift! Very girly and pretty and only takes two coats to build up! Finally angel fish is also opalescent. It is a beige/pink with a blue and silver shift! It’s so unique also, and I felt so classy with this on my nails, plus it went with EVERYTHING! Honourable mentions are Seahorse and Coral Reef and Pacific Flame.

I’m not going to show you all of the colours on my nails.

Pinktail (had to apply a coral undercoat due to it being watery and sheer, without it)
Dragon fish
Sea Turtle
Electric Eel (required a blue undercoat due to a horrid murky blue tint without it)
Coral Reef
Pacific Flame

So that is the whole collection reviewed. Two required an undercoat of a more opaque colour however the overall effect afterwards was nice! I would recommend all of these but especially the pastel tones! They are absolutely gorgeous! I only didn’t like Electric Eel due to personal preference of the colour. Not because it looked horrible (except when it was without an undercoat, it made my fingernail look bruised!! But that was because mine was a dud, yours might be fine!).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What is your favourite one of these shades?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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