First Impression | MUA Pro/Base Foundation (101)

Superdrug has an offer on where these were £3.33 and I hadn’t really heard much about them. I enjoy matte foundations so thought I would give it a go. And I’ll have to say, I was surprised! That’s all I’m going to give you for now! Keep on reading! 😉

I love the packaging. Very simple and sleek while the frosted glass makes it feel more luxurious than a £5 foundation. I love how basic it is, and think it looks lovely vanity. I also like that you can see the shade, as it makes picking it a lot easier! Only thing I would say is a bit of a bummer, is the lack of a pump. But it does have a spatula where you can apply it onto the back of your hand, so it’s not totally impractical. Just a tad messier!

Now when I first tried this foundation, I put it on and it looked so pale. I’ve been cycling so I’m a little more tanned, but I know this shade will literally be my perfect colour in winter! However the formula did oxidise to my PERFECT skin tone! Which was so impressive. It matched my neck perfectly. It didn’t oxidise much, probably a shade and a half, and it didn’t turn orange, it just adapted to my skin tone a bit better. Now you may or may not like that, but I didn’t mind it! If it does bother you, go a shade lighter!

I love the texture, and was pleasantly surprised. On initial application it exaggerated my texture, but I don’t know how it happened, but as it sinks into your skin, it looks so skin like! It is a comfortable matte texture, almost a Satin. But not a dry “cracking” matte. More of an elastic matte! And it kinda has self setting properties, as I didn’t need to powder!

I wore my Fenty foundation the next day out of curiosity and other can the shade, they are almost identical! And I LOVE my Fenty foundation. The same stretchy matte texture, same feeling, same self setting. It is crazy! And the price difference is incredible! I didn’t have high expectations for this foundation, however it is probably one of my current favourites right now!

The coverage is incredible, I’d say medium but extremely buildable! As it sinks into the skin, all of the texture that was originally visible, melts away! So unique! And it lasts pretty darn well without even setting it! Noticed a tad bit of cracking around my chin and nose but my blush remained on, my bronzer on my nose was still in tact too! And no creasing under my eyes either! And it was a sweaty day when I tried this!

All in all I’m SO impressed. And I genuinely can’t believe how incredible this foundation is. It has all the attributes I look for in a foundation, along with an amazing price! I’ve tried more expensive foundations that I disliked! And I really really like this! And ha e continually worn this throughout the summer due to its self setting properties and longevity! And the way it oxidised to my perfect colour! That’s the only thing I’d keep in mind! Just go a shade lighter!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you so much for reading!

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