Full Review | Juvia’s Place The Tribe Palette

I continued to see this on people’s eyeshadow palette collection videos and every time I saw it I kept pausing so I could get a proper looks! And I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was! So I ended up picking it up a few months back and only just got round to playing with it since quitting my job. Health conditions suck big time, so thank go do had this gem to cheer me up!

The packaging speaks for itself, I mean, have you ever seen anything so gorgeous. The illustrations are beyond stunning and the colour scheme is so striking. I absolutely love it. The thing that surprised me the most is the sheer size of the pans! I couldn’t believe it! Deffo a lot of bang for your buck!

The formula is very unique of these shadows. The mattes are pigmented but in a very buildable way. You can get a sheer wash of colour to blend out seamlessly, but you can build that sucker up to get the most intense colour you have ever seen! I loved that because it looks like you have spent so long blending multiple eyeshadows, but in actual fact you’ve used the same shadow, built up all in the crease but the saturation has been adapted depending on your brush pressure! Maasai and Ashanti work especially great with this technique! Just lovely! The shimmers are so creamy and almost as wet feeling you can get while still remaining a powder! Koro is like nothing else! I want to smear it all over my body! And Kuba is so rich in emerald goodness! I just can’t get over how you can get such vividness with a dry brush, let alone a wet brush! It takes it to the next multidimensional look!

I was able to create some amazing looks that varied from everyday looks to more extravagant looks which, to be honest, I still wore for my everyday makeup! Who am I kidding! So thought I would share these looks with you!

Maasai, Tutsi, San, Kuba, Koro
Oromo, Karla, Maasai
Oromo, Ashanti, Tutsi, Koro, San
Oromo, Ashanti, Chaga, Koro
Ashanti, Chaga, Kuba, Koro, San

I absolutely loved using this eyeshadow palette, let’s not get off topic here. The textures are just sublime! The pan size is incredibly great value. The colours work so harmoniously while juxtaposed enough to create contrasting looks and tones! This is my first Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palette and it will not be my last. I’ll be honest, my best friend was very naughty and bought my the Douce palette for absolutely no reason at all (Anna if you’re reading this, I’m waggling my finger at you!). So stay tuned for a review on that. Safe to say I’m very excited to use their formula again!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried anything from Juvia’s Place?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

2 Replies to “Full Review | Juvia’s Place The Tribe Palette”

  1. You’ve totally sold me on this palette, Love the looks you were able to create using it. I’m deffo going to get it, would you mind if I were to save some of the looks you’ve created to my photo album? Just so that I’m able to recreate the looks.


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