Current Favourite Nude Lip Combo

I used to only ever wear a liquid lip, and the job was done. But I’m getting a lot more into wearing a multitude of products for an enhanced and custom lip look. And that way I’m using more of my products out to try and play with different items together. I’m wearing this combo most of all though so I thought I would show you what they are and how they look together!

I stumbled upon this lip combo when I tried the lipstick, Birkin Suede Lip Ammunition from Jeffree Star. And it looked way to pale on me. So I thought a deeper lip liner would work and tried Munchies from NYX’s Suede range. And it looked so flattering. It just gave that depth that it needed and made me fall in love with the lipstick as well as the liner! And then because I can’t stop there and love lipgloss, I put over the top Fairy Floss from Colourpop. And it pairs with Birkin Suede so perfectly! I’m obsessed with this combo!

So this is how it looks. And I was inspired by Jamie Genevieve’s lip products in her wedding tutorial! Hers was more matte and I went more glossy, but the premise is the same. A pale nude lipstick with a deep almost taupe lip liner to create dimension, in an almost ombré way! It’s super sexy and enhances you’re natural lip shape while neutralising the tone of your lips. It is so natural and subtle so goes with any eye and cheek combo, which I love and I think is why I gravitate towards this combo so much. Be it a colourful cut crease to a sultry matte smokey eye. It is perfection!

Let me know what your current lip combo is right now? Are you a matte or gloss girl?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Than you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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