Disappointing Products | August 2019

It’s that time again where I have products that I’ve been trying that I really didn’t enjoy. So I collated enough to make a post, and a lot of them are lip products! But there were a double of real duds so thought I would discuss them!

Smashbox Superfan Mascara – I found this flaked so badly on my weepy eyes, and it smudged terribly! Plus the brush I found super uncomfortable to apply this! However I have it to my mum, and she absolutely loves it and it lasts well on her! So it isn’t a bad product, it just isn’t for me!

Barry M Under The Sea Nail Polish (Electric Eel) – I simply found the colour of this not as beautiful as it is in the bottle. It doesn’t get the gold green swirl, it just goes like a transparent shimmer; a little lack lustre. The blue as well, on the nails looked a little murky and not as bright. Maybe I got a bad one, but I didn’t like it!

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers (Acid Fairy) – Now the colour and effect of this is beautiful, but as they go on the lips they get so gritty and almost scratchy on the lips. I hate the way it feels! It’s so uncomfortable! And it’s pretty, but not worth the discomfort you get on the lips!

e.l.f Camo Concealer (Fair Warm) – Now as an eyeshadow base, this works fine, nice and creamy and helps eyeshadows adhere. But as a “Camo Concealer” it is atrocious. It draws so much attention to my texture under my eyes. Yes it covers, but it creates a new problem! I felt so self conscious wearing this! And was gutted because the coverage is stunning!

Naobay Detox Aqua Micellar Water – Now Naobay do one of my all time favourite masks. The Recovery Mask. It is so gorgeous and so I had high hopes for this, but it didn’t even remove my blush. It didn’t do anything to remove my makeup at all. It was awful! So I probably will only use this almost as a toner, to remove oils and stuff over makeup. But I was soooooo disappointed!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner (Black) – This was so watery and diluted, again I could have gotten a bad one. But I hated this but it was quite pricey, so was desperate to just make do and use it up but every time I hated it. You can’t get a sharp line because the brush tip is quite thick, or at least mine was. It was not pigmented and I had to build it up with coats, which made it crack. Absolute nightmare!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip (Point Zero) – Now the colour of this is stunning, a rich but cool toned brown! Lush! But I hated his thick and tacky they felt on my lips. I like either creamy or matte, whereas this was a hybrid. I had to take it off straight away, and I couldn’t wear it. I might try setting it with powder to see if that helps, or find a way to make it work because the colour is stunning. I just hated the texture!

INC.redible Jelly Shot Lipsticks (share my fantasy, i’ll show you how) – I loved the finish of these, but application is so difficult because they have almost a “nipple” like shape to them, so they are quite uncomfortably and awkward on application. So I just don’t find them enjoyable to use so I don’t reach for them! But I do like the actual look of them when they are on the lips. Just not the process.

Limecrime Unicorn Lipstick (Birthday Suit) – Again gorgeous colour. But the texture of this is really plasticy feeling. Feels very cheap as well, for a high end brand. Was so disappointed because I used to idolise these and was so desperate to have them all. But I’m so glad I didn’t because this one sucked! Such a horrid formula! But stunning colour!

And this are all the products that didn’t work out for me! Some massive fails this time! But some okay but not worth the hype!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Any products disappointed you this month? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

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