First Impression | Vitamasques Gold Eye Brightening and Firming Eye Mask

It was so hit and sweaty and my hay fever was through to roof, so I really wanted to try something that would smooth my dry eyes and was looking through my masks and found this little gem! And I was very keen to try it! Every time I read hyaluronic acid my eyes widen because my dehydrated skin laps it up!

The packaging is super sleek and lovely! It isn’t overly bulky, so I could take this on holiday with me without it taking up any space! I also like how it is easily disposable too. Very nice!

I popped these on my eyes and felt it immediately cool everything down. My skin was raw, without being open, from me (don’t judge) rubbing my eyes. So it didn’t sting when it went on my eyes. It didn’t even tingle, and I have super sensitive skin and many masks that are been supposed to be gentle, sting! But absolutely nothing with this, it was so comfortable!

I was super sweaty with it being hot and they did slip down onto my cheeks, which I found quite funny. But if you lay flat and actually relaxed (I don’t know how to relax so was on the phone while wearing these) it would stay put! But they felt so lush! And I genuinely noticed and illuminated appearance on my under-eye area! Less dull, hydrated and super plump! I loved what it did.

All in all, what did I think? Will the fact I’ve added 3 in my basket for when I get paid show you what I think? I LOVE them! The biggest factor was the lack of irritation, but also the appearance of my under-eyes afterwards! Fantastic product. And I’m so pleased I received this in my LookFantastic box!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried Vitamasques? I bloody love them and would highly recommend. I’m yet to find a product I don’t like, and that doesn’t work with my sensitive and dehydrated skin!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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