Full Review | Colourpop “Ultra” Lip Products

I had been so desperate to try Colourpop products. All of them, but especially their lip products. I had heard people absolutely rave about these products! So I found a genuine UK seller and purchased some shades that really appealed to me! And thought I would take you through the formulas!

Now Colourpop have 4 variations of the “ultra” lip products. They have the Ultra Glossy, Ultra Matte, Ultra Blotted and Ultra Satin! They come in so so so many different colours, perfect for all skin tones! So you’ll find one that suits you for sure! I think my favourite consistencies are the Ultra Blotted and Ultra Matte. And I shall delve into that in a sec!

I’m not going to go into a bit more detail about the different formulas and the colours I own, and let you know my thoughts!

Ultra Matte Lip (WYD) – This shade is the most perfect warm rose brown, it reminds me of rosewood. The texture of these are delightful. They are so thin in texture and they don’t dry out my lips. Which I was expecting as I heard people struggled. But I get very dry lips quite easily and had no issues! They last so well and wear to a stain like finish underneath so you don’t have to worry about looking odd. I had a meal with friends and we both wore this and it looked so good still after eating our weight in cheese! I did pair it with a gloss too, and it still lasted so well even with the tackier over coat. I definitely want to try more colours of these because the texture is to die for! Any recommendations?

Ultra Glossy Lip (Fairy Floss) – These are lovely lip glosses. I don’t like overly sticky lip glosses as I struggle with feeling like they are going to smear on my face and get the horrible strings. They can also make me feel oddly claustrophobic if I feel like I have sticky lips. I don’t know why. But these are so light in texture while still feeling nourishing. This colour is a lovely milky nude and can be worn on its own for a nice neutral shiny lip, or worn over the top of another lipstick and it adds that bit of milkiness to any lip colour. It’s very versatile. Lovely formula and so many gorgeous colours. I really want to try more colours too, so if you have any favourite shades, name them in the comments!

Ultra Blotted Lip (Doozy) – THIS FORMULA! I would probably say I love these more than the matte ones because of how natural and “bitten” they make your lips look. It is just a sheer wash of colour; a stain if you will. They are delightful! This shade is the perfect warm peachy pink! So thin and comfortable in texture. They last all day due to the stain effect while still remaining intact and not at all “patchy” looking. They are phenomenal and I didn’t expect to like these as much as I do. I definitely want to try more! So let me know if you are loving some different shades!

Ultra Satin Lip (Point Zero) – I didn’t like these (insert sad face here). They gave me that sticky and claustrophobic feel that I really hate. They felt so heavy on the lips, even with just one thin coat. They aren’t drying and very nourishing feeling. But I couldn’t even wear it out, I had to remove it immediately. But the colour is so pretty! So I’m gutted, as I know so many people love these! But the formula just isn’t for me. Far too high maintenance and sticky feeling for what I look for. I would rather go for a gloss or creamy lightweight lipstick if I don’t go for a matte lip! These are not for me.

So those are all the different finishes of the Ultra lip products from Colourpop. I liked 3/4 of the finishes, and would highly recommend them! It was just the Ultra Satin Lip that I didn’t like. The others are delicious feeling though!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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