My Top 10 Blog Posts (Personal Favourites)

I think it’s safe to say I love blogging. And I love makeup. And I’ve merged the two with writing over 250 blog posts! And loving every minute of it. It is my own online space where I can write random snippets about glittery goodness! I’ve had comments about starting a YouTube channel. But it’s not the media I enjoy. I am extremely shy and self conscious. And taking pictures are a lot more easy for me and my confidence. Plus I hate my voice and the camera adds 10 pounds. So realistically, it would ruin it for me. I like writing. Always have. And photography. So with that, I created this blog. And will continue to write it for as long as I can!

I thought this would be an interesting blog post to write. I know a lot of content is about what the readers want. But when writing this content, you so get favourites yourself. Be it the ones you spent extra time on, the ones where the colour schemes on the photos satisfy you, or simply you made a funny joke which still amuses you!mso thought I would, show you my favourite posts! And have linked them all below 😘

I’m gonna get a bit deep and personal now, but I think blogging has contributed to my recovery and who I am today, I know I know, it sounds cheesy. But genuinely it has! It has taken me through 2 episodes of mental crisis and being put on suicide prevention services, a horrible break up and the effects of that, a career breakdown, friendship breakdowns, a career change and my deteriorating health. My health is a big factor, as I’ve had to give up work currently. I have a heart condition that is still under investigation, endometriosis which I’m going under the knife for again along with severe anxiety which gives me a multitude of psychological and physical symptoms and pain. I am starting college in September, so fear not! I’m not going to waste away in a hospital bed somewhere! I’m gonna fight my crappy body trying to fail me! But despite this, no matter how poorly I feel or how upset I’ve been through my personal life, I can sit in a bed, be it my own, my boyfriends or in hospital, type a few words on glittery sparkly goodness. And I feel so much better. I read a couple of lovely comments from loyal followers! You know who you are. And you don’t know how much that means to me! Just knowing you enjoy my content! And I want to take this time to thank you all!

Anyway, I’m tearing up as I type this, back to the glittery goodness! I’ve linked a few of my favourite blog posts below! Take a read of them if you like. I would most appreciate it!


Some of these posts are simply because they are some of my favourite products. Others are because writing the posts and testing the products out provided me a great deal of pleasure. And some of them are because the effort I put into testing and writing and getting such a lovely response afterwards. The photographs also make the posts for me. If I got a really good shot, for example the Berry Palette from BeautyBay had the holographic tones captured which was only by chance that the sun came out briefly for that picture! And some products, when they are virgin and untouched, I love seeing them from that to now being heavily used in my collection!

If you have chance to read these, please do. A lot of hard work and effort had gone into writing this blog and I love that I get such a lovely response from you all! And I don’t think I’ll ever stop! I have way to many ideas, and I’ll be honest, way too much makeup to not put it to good use on this online space! It’s an addiction 😂 but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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