Makeup Play #4

I’m adoring playing with makeup again, and I have to say…I feel like this is my favourite series I’ve done. Simply because it is so freeing. I grab x amount of products and try to make a look with it! Or I get some similar coloured things, and go wild. If like today, I get a palette, and try to find things in my collection to go with it, and va va voom myself until I look like a painters palette! It’s a longun, so grab a coffee!

I started my look with eyebrows. I used a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks In Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Jawbreaker. I then primed my eyes, using my *last drop* of Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It was expiring soon, so thought I’d use it up as I had a tiny amount left! I then went into a super inspiring palette! The Beauty Bay EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette! I started with Lagoon and applied that over the top of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and blended it down the bridge of my nose. I then went into Granny Smith and blended it further down my nose and around, not in, my inner corner. Then for the eyelid. I blended Tutti Frutti into my crease, mixed with a tiny bit of Heatwave, for a subtle firey twist! Then to deepen up the outer corner I took Heatwave and then blended Surreal Strawberry into the outer part of my crease. I took a bit more of Granny Smith and blended that into Tutti Frutti where it meets Granny Smith. For that seamless fade. I then cut my crease, using my Revolution Cut Crease Canvas. Over the top of that I applied Lemonade and Candid Candyfloss. And then adding Lemonade in the inner corner. For the lower lash line I wanted almost a rainbow “lash shadow”. So went back into Lagoon and blended that into Blue Vibes and started to go under the lower portion of my socket. I then took my LA Girl Shockwave Neon Eyeliner in Vivid and lined the shape I wanted for the curve, and applied Amethyst over the top! Ok ok, I know, Makeup Play #3 had the yellow waterline, shoot me, but I’m loving it so much, and felt it really went with this look perfectly! So apologies for repetition, but also #notsorry. I then took my No7 Carbon Matte eyeshadow to deepen my lower lash line and give a more shadowed appearance. And blended that into the “rainbow shadow” below. For some fun dots I took the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliners in Halo, Blossom and Petal in the corresponding areas of colour. And then went into some more dots of white using my NYX White Liquid Eyeliner. I added some clear glitter in the gap between the Surreal Strawberry and Amethyst, for a bit of shine and texture, and added a cute sparkle in there because why the hell not!! Finally I applied my 202 Eylure lashes, my fav for these kind of looks. And some Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. And the look is complete!!!

Wow I finished typing and thought that’s a big chunk of text! But it’s full of colourful pretty products, so I hope you don’t mind. Concision was never my strongest skill!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and this look!

Thank you so much for reading!!!! 💛✨

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