First Impression | G9Skin Banana Milk Bomb Mask

My pain has been so bad recently, that even though they are expensive, I have had to take frequent baths, instead of showers. But wanted to pamper myself a bit more when I was having a really bad day and decided to try one of my masks I had in my drawer. And being a massive banana flavoured ANYTHING lover, I felt this was appropriate for a pick me up!

This was my first ever product from G9 Skin but I was very impressed! The sheet itself is thick but elastic so makes it feel like it is coating your face well with product as well as Sheet. And it was very easy to apply, although I did get a bit in my eye, but that was my own stupid fault and not the mask applications fault! Rinse well if this happens, as it stings like a b****!

It smells ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I called my boyfriend into the bathroom to make him smell my forehead! He was impressed too with the smell! He too loves banana anything! It left a lovely aroma in my nose while I had it on, but didn’t linger when I removed it.

I’ve never looked more attractive, I’m well aware!

As you can see the mask is thickly coated in product! And is thick but adhered to my face so comfortably! It had stretchy eye, nose and lips holes, the standard suited my just fine, which you can tear to make bigger if need be!

It left my skin feeling so hydrated! I had a slight tackiness which I really enjoy! I feel like it gives me a layer of nourishment that acts like a barrier! So I was in love with how it made my skin feel! I also glowed! Like from within! I noticed when I was coming out of the bath that my skin looked so healthy! I loved that, as I do suffer from dullness due to my slightly sallow complexion!

All in all I would highly recommend this mask, if you have normal, dry or dehydrated skin. It was lush! And I’m intrigued by the chocolate and strawberry ones now! Must collect them all!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried anything from G9Skin? What would you recommend?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

3 Replies to “First Impression | G9Skin Banana Milk Bomb Mask”

  1. You reminded me of the old school mummy ! But joking aside that mask sounds like it would be really good for your face . I thought about making my own with an overly ripe banana but not sure what other ingrediants to use.


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