First Impression | BeYou Patches

I was so excited to try these. To cut a long story short, my endometriosis has progressed, and this “flare up” isn’t a flare up at all. This is a permanent state I’ll be in until my op. Maybe even after, who knows. But these patches I have been dying to try as I’ve heard amazing things! So had to mark my progress with them! Keep on reading.

With my endometriosis I get the worst, most horrific pain. And I don’t have periods anymore as I’m on the Depo Provera injection, to stop my bleeding. As my bleeding could to on to up to 21/23 days! Which was horrific. But since being managed through contraception, they last around 10 days. And now I don’t bleed at all. But that being said, it doesn’t mean I still don’t get cramping daily, ovary pain, and SEVERE pelvic pain. So these have been on my list to try. And I bit to bullet and purchased a pack. Just to see what they were all about!

It’s quite simple. You open the packet and take one out. Then seal it back up!! Very important. Then you remove the sticky plastic and apply it onto your tummy. I apply it slightly more to the left hand side as that is where most of my pain is; I rarely get any pain on my right hand side.

Within a few minute it starts to tingle. Nothing painful at all, it is just a cooling sensation similar to a minty lipgloss. But on your tummy. And I’m being ENTIRELY honest. They fucking work!!! (Excuse my profanity, but it was required!). I was so skeptical. A little patch surely cannot cure my ovary pain that becomes debilitating and requires bed rest constantly! But hand on heart, I felt no ovary pain while this was on. My ovary pulsed, like it always does, but there was no pain. Just a cool tingle in replacement. That was it. It almost numbed it. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft this is!

I don’t wear them everyday, as £7.99 for 5 isn’t the cheapest for my budget. But I’m going to restock when I get paid. Plus my boyfriend bought me a pack too which I’ll be receiving next week, bless him. But any time I need to go out, or have a more productive day, I will put one on. I have tried them 3 times, and the result was the same on those three occasions. Pure brilliance! The pain eased entirely! Like I said, I got pulses, just no pain. I was so relieved. I could think, finally. I slept, which was a big thing. I average on 3 hours sleep a night, but I slept 12 hours when I had one on. Unbroken sleep too, it was bliss. They are pure magic.

Next thing on my list is the CBD Balm. The main symptom of my endometriosis is pelvic pain. Severe dull bone ache, in my hips and lower back, which is debilitating, and why I’m on constant bed rest. Because I physically can’t do anything with it. I’ve messaged BeYou, and I’m awaited a response to see if this could help my pelvic pain. Once they give me the go ahead, I’m buying this. Because if those patches are as effective as they are, then this should too be a miracle too! If it means I can simply get out and about more frequently. Not major walks, as I walked two miles the other day on a glue gun mission which caused me to spot heavily. But a gentle ten minute walk in the sunshine would be very healing.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried these?

Thank you so much for reading!

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