Monthly Favourites | August 2019

As some of you aware, for the month of August I have been quite poorly. My endometriosis is progressing and making me in agony. I was hospitalised for a query cyst on my ovary and pain management. Then doctors told me bloods, urine and scans came back golden. So it was “just endometriosis”. I have surgery in October, so they have prescribed me strong pain killers, but I’ll be frank, they are doing eff all! Anyway, I haven’t been wearing makeup at all this month, so these favourites are more self care favourites. Things that cheer me up on application!

TONY MOLY Banana Sleeping Pack – Okay so scents are a big thing for me. And this smells practically edible. Don’t try it, not even a sneaky lick, it won’t be healthy. But honestly, I cannot begin to describe how good this smells! I applied it one night, and was left with the most gorgeous glow, perfect, comfortable levels of hydration and still a layer of nourishment when I woke up! To die for! I should have bought it to hospital with me as I really struggled with dry skin when I left because of a lack of skincare. In my defence the bathroom was on the other side of the ward, and I couldn’t walk from now swollen my pelvis and belly was, so cut me some slack!

Revolution Skincare Superfruit Extract – Did I mention I like nice smelling things? This smells like the sweetest and fruitiest candle. And I can’t put my finger on which candle, but it was a Yankee Candle…maybe blueberry muffin? Anyway I slather this on my face instead of any makeup because it gives me a lovely glow and makes me skin feeel so hydrated and fresh! Even my boyfriend sniffed my face and was like “oooo that smells good!”. So he gave the seal of approval.

Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint (Moonfish) – Is it silver? Blue? But with a peach duochrome? Magic, I just can’t describe it in any other way! It looks absolutely stunning on the nails though! Like an opal, dreamy, pearlescent stone! I asked my boyfriend to pick out my nail polish for when I got out of hospital, as a pick, me up, and he picked this without even realising I’ve had it on my nails most of the month! He was drawn to the colour! As am I! And it’s like £4!

Beanies White Chocolate and Raspberry Coffee – I know this isn’t beauty, but it has been such a delight this month that I had to mention it. My first sip of this when I returned home after a 3 night stay in hospital….it was tear jerking not gonna lie! It’s fresh and sharp from the raspberry, but super creamy and sweet from the white chocolate. Perfection in a mug! Love! I know I’m mentioning my boyfriend a lot, but he’s been caring for me while I’ve been unwell and has too influenced these favourites, and he loves this coffee. When I wake up in the wee hours in agony, he wakes up, we make me one of these each and talk. Well…I moan about the pain, and he listens.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – My boyfriend (you have a boyfriend? Never would have guessed!) has been giving my frequent massages to help manage my pain, and they really work! He gets all the pressure and tension out of my pelvis which radiates up towards my spine. And he uses this to help his hands glide. I’ll be honest, he was soft unattended in the bathroom and like me, his (glorious) nose is a big influencer of what he uses, and he smelt this and was sold! In fact we used it all up now. So will need to repurchase when I have some pennies! My bottom and hips are so super soft and the scent lingers for a while, it’s magically hydrating too! Love love love!

COLAB Dry Shampoo – I have been a right scutty minger! A couple weeks before I was admitted and when I was in hospital, was bed bound. Couldn’t walk very far at all. So standing in a shower washing my hair would have been tear inducing. Which I wasn’t about. But this saved me! I looked fresh as a daisy! So I could have a quick wash in the bath at home, or by the sink in the hospital which was more manageable and spray this on my hair and I looked brand new! However I very much enjoyed my bath when I got back from hospital and running the shampoo through my hair was bliss! But this saved me before and through my stay!

And those are my August favourites! I have been experimenting with little bits of makeup here and there so there should be some more makeup items next month, but you can understand me lack of desire to wear any when I’m just gonna cry it off!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Any self care favourites of yours that make you feel better?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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