First Impression | Jeffree Star Cosmetics “The Gloss”

I was never a gloss girl, always a matte liquid lip girl. And this way because I used to have hair past my bum, which always got in my face, due to its curly nature! But I think even when I cut it off, into my pixie cut, (donated it to charity too!) I was still thinking about hair getting in my face, even though it is impossible now! So rediscovered lip gloss in the beginning of 2019! And Jeffree Star Cosmetics, one of my favourite brands, released his glosses! And I had to okay?!

The packaging…no word other than phenomenal can describe it! It is boujee AF! And I live for it! The wand is fairly long which I like as you get a decent coverage on your lips, and a lot of control! The scent is to die for! Almost buttery! It’s lush! Claims to be Creme Brûlée’s and I can completely agree!

The general formula is delightful, and comes in two finishes, which we shall delve into in a minute! It is not sticky, but nourishing feeling! So has a bit of tack like a lip balm would, but nothing unbearable as I said it’s not sticky! They are hydrating feeling, which my lips will love as they get very dry easily! It almost has a mix between a lipgloss and a lip oil, like not as thin as a lip oil but not thick and sticky like some lip glosses. Exceptionally comfortable! And they coat the lips very evenly, which is wonderful for on the go! One swipe, and you get full shiny goodness!

Glitter Fantasty

These are blindingly sparkly! I am so obsessed! I was convinced they would be gritty with how sparkly they are too, but nope! The glitter is so fine and undetectable in feeling, but so so so detectable in sight! Super smooth and comfortable. I’m wearing the shade Crystal Kiss. It is a light transparent nude/pink with a brighter/cooler pink shift/duochrome! It is absolutely gorgeous! I am desperate to try the shades Safe Word and Wet Peach!

Extreme Shine

These I was expecting to not like as much as I’m always up for a more reflective lipgloss. But I think I’m a changed woman, and am starting to like these creme finishes! I’m wearing shade I’m The Boss and I have to say, I am obsessed! Super slick feeling, but not like it’s going to smear all over your face in an instant. The happy medium! And very hydrating feeling! I really want to try the shades Control Freak and Legends Only!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried any of these? Any shades you recommend?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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