Full Review | Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

So setting sprays are my thing. I love them. I don’t always like to powder my face as I struggle with dryness, so tend to rely on a setting spray to add longevity! And I hear so much about the longevity added when using Smashbox products; they are literally the king of priming products! So thought I would try this, as I’m also pretty lazy with priming. I just don’t believe in it as well, but I’m intrigued by the Primeriser! Anyway, onto the review!

I spent my Boots points on this, because I had heard so many great things. It was a toss up between this and the new Crystalised one, but I thought I’d go with the original, so I get a feel for the product!

The packaging is great. Travel friendly and it has a lovely sleek appearance. One thing I really like about it is you can see how much product you have left! Which is fantastic as you know when to repurchase! It has a nice spritzer, although sometimes it gives a half hearted spritz if you’ve spritzed too much (I’ve said spritz too many time, it sounds weird now!). It also hasn’t got a scent, so I know it won’t irritate my sensitive skin!

In terms of priming, I like it. It gives a slight tackiness to my face for my foundation to adhere to (which also provides a layer to lock in the makeup when you set). It is my go to way to prime, as I’m still yet to find a primer that really blows me away to the point where I’m willing to add that extra step because I notice a difference. So far, no difference has been seen with any primer, so I just use moisturiser! HOwever I like this, it’s quick, simple and very refreshing!

In terms of setting, I see a difference too! Like I said, it had that lock in barrier so I finish my day and still have blush on. My makeup still looked great! And blush is the first thing that goes on me! And when I don’t use this spray, it does disrupt after a few hours. But after 7 hours worth of wear, I still had blush on! Which is awesome!

All in all, I love it! And I’m so happy I got it with my Boots points! I have discovered the wonder of setting sprays that actually add longevity (only one since is the Urban Decay All Nighter!). And I really appreciate the refreshing feel and lack of a scent! It is soothing almost!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What’s your favourite setting spray right now?

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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