Full Review | Dose Of Colours Desi X Katy Friendcation Palette

I’ll be entirely honest, this is my best friends palette, which she learnt to me to review because she knew I was desperate to try it. And I was overjoyed to have it to play with for a few weeks! And it as quite fitting with it because it is called the Friendcation palette! And my best friend is a mega babe and we did a swap with some products and it was so much fun to try different products, without spending the money!

First off the packaging is stunning. It has a lovely weight to it, while still being super sleek and compact. It feels very luxe. And the glittery cover is so fitting for the gems of shadows you have inside. I love the rose gold shimmer and the metallic backing to the shadows too! Very stunning!

The formula of these are phenomenal. And I’ll be honest, the main reason I didn’t purchase this palette was the price point. But oh lord it is so worth it for how the shadows perform and feel! They mattes are so buttery, but not so soft that they fly away; they still provide great impact but blend seamlessly into nothing when desired! But the metallics steal the show. They have a lovely thickness to them, like a creamy paste almost, but a powder, if that makes any sense! And apply with a brush or your fingers like a dream! You wet that brush though, and the payoff is undeniably one of the most pigmented I have used! Like I said, that thickness just gives you full saturation of gorgeous pigment and shine and is unlike any other palette I have tried.

My favourite shades of this palette is obviously the green, Cheens. That rich gold behind that earthy moss is impeccable! I also adore Game Over and Girl Bye together, to get this ruby toned look that enhances my green eyes!mand the star of the show, which I feel is so underrated but Dirty Money, the rich chocolate brown. When I say this blends into nothing, I seriously mean it. I use a transition shade, but I wouldn’t need to. And the mattes, all of the mattes for that matter (hehe), blend seamlessly with the metallics. Which is so unique, as there is no stepping or buffering between the shades! Just a seamless blend. Absolutely flawless!

These are some of the looks I created with this palette! And I’m thoroughly obsessed! One of the highest quality palettes I have ever used. Which totally justified that slightly higher price point. I wish I had known how much I would of liked this as I would have purchased it myself!

Necessary, Dirty Money, Cheens
Dirty Money, Just A Kiss, Basic
Girl Bye, Churro, Game Over
A Moment, Just A Kiss, Try Me

All in all, this palette is sublime. The quality is some of the best I’ve seen in a while. And the richness of the metallics is absolutely divine! I would HIGHLY recommend this palette to anyone due to its simplicity of neutrals however those pops of colour are so wearable mixed with them, as well as providing a full on impact on their own if desired! I’m gushing over this palette with good reason. One of the best quality formulas I have tried this year.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried this palette? What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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