First Impression | Revolution Skincare Superfupruit Extract Serum and Primer

I am loving serums and similar products right now. Especially because I’m not wearing makeup much so skincare and pampering products is the main thing that I use right now. Hydration is so important for me right now. Without sounding really pathetic, I’m crying a lot with the pain…so my skin gets super dry right now. And I got this and was so excited because I’m yet to try anything with antioxidants for your skin so wanted to see what it was like!

To start off with. The packaging is gorgeous! I love the pipette style packaging…as t makes me feel like a scientist. I know…it’s sad…but I like feeling official! Don’t judge 😂 the frosted glass is gorgeous too! And the wrapper being a metallic/duochrome finish really attracts my attention! So I want to use it more!

The smell. Oh Lordy the smell! It’s strong, don’t get my wrong, but I’m obsessed! It is like a sweet candle. That’s the best way I can describe it! So potent and delicious smelling! And for me, it enhances the whole experience of using it. The actual product is delightful. It gives a lot of tack to the skin! Which I really like because it feels like i have that barrier of hydration that nothing will break through! Which I need, as my skin is so dehydrated! If you don’t like that somewhat sticky feeling on your face…you may not like this, but for me, I ADORE it! It also provides luminosity. The fluid has a pinky shift to it, but it isn’t intensely pink! It just looks healthy! And having dehydrated skin means I do suffer with dullness too. But this lifts my complexion, brightens any darkness and makes my skin look plumper. I love it so much!

Under Makeup, it is undetectable, it doesn’t ball up or anything. It smooths everything out and adds luminosity! It looks flawless when you apply foundation over the top! It’s gorgeous! Luminosity without looking sweaty and greasy! It’s just this subtle glow! So stunning!

Can you see that glow, it is so natural and just makes me look so healthy! I don’t have an ounce of dullness which I’m so impressed with! See the tip of my nose? That glow honey! I’m so pleased with how it makes my skin look. And smell…did i mention how it smells? The antioxidants I do notice, after consistency in usage, makes my skin feel plumper, look healthier, feel clearer, smoother and less textured! I do believe the antioxidants in this are beneficial to them skin, so long as you use this continually! You won’t get those kind of benefits after one use!

All in all this is an amazing product! I absolutely LOVE it! And look forward to slathering this all over my face! It provides me immense joy in both using it, and how it makes me skin look! I am so freaking impressed! And it’s around £10, if cheaper! Unbelievable!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried this? If not what is your favourite serum?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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