My MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC lipsticks, the epitome of quality lipsticks! Many different finishes to choose from and endless amounts of undertones colours. They have literally everything you could ever want. And the scent…oh it takes me back to the days (when I could afford MAC lipsticks) to my late teens! I just love them.

I used to have around 27…which was ridiculously unmanageable and terribly excessive. But I used a lot up, gave some away and threw a few that had expired. And now I have a decent collection while still being able to reach for all of them regularly!

Overall, after the 30 lipsticks I tried…my favourite finishes are probably the Satin or Lustre! The Satin is a very comfortable not quite matte but matter as opposed to creamy! Very comfortable, fabulous opacity and wonderful colour selection! The Lustre is a shiny, sheerer and extremely nourishing finish! Sometimes when I have very chapped lip they adhere to my flakes, but I just make sure to exfoliate and I don’t have that problem! I do also love the matte finishes, although they can dry my lips out a tad, and I do tend to need to wear lip balm underneath to combat that. But the overall look of them is so chic and beautiful. I think the Cremesheens are the most hydrating and comfortable! Amplified finishes are lovely and smooth, however I find they are quite slippy! And do have a tendency to smear all over my face! I am yet to try the frost, powder matte (which apparently smell like fish) and liquid lipstick formulas.

L/R Top – Chilli, Yash, Kinda Sexy, L/R Middle – Velvet Teddy, Creme Cup, Verve, L/R Bottom -Freckletone, See Sheer, Patisserie

I am now going to run through the shades I have, and discuss what I like about them, the finishes and why I feel I could justify keeping them in my collection! Not that I need to justify (I do…I have too many lipsticks) but just so you know why I feel I couldn’t get rid of them!

Chilli (Matte) – My most perfect red lipstick. It had a lovely warm terracotta undertone while still being a beautiful almost brick red! Super flattering on my yellower complexion and really classic looking. For a Matte I find it very comfortable and it lasts very well. Even popping this on and then blotting it in looks exceptionally pretty, and helps it last EVEN longer!

Yash (Matte) – My newest lipstick addition, but oh Lordy she’s a beauty! I would probably say this is my most perfect matte nude lipstick! It has a beige undertone which I love while still being warm! Super flattering and long wearing! Can exaggerate dryness being beigey so I do always exfoliate before wearing this!

Kinda Sexy (Matte) – This name is justifiable! It is so sexy! A smoked peachy nude! I love wearing this when I want to feel a little special and put together! I actually wore this on my first date with my boyfriend! And made me feel uber confident and gave me that little push away from my nerves! And it worked a treat, as we are still together, and he ain’t getting rid of me any time soon! We are actually discussing moving in together when we have enough funds, which is very exciting. And I have this lipstick to thank!

Velvet Teddy (Matte) – One of the most iconic nudes from MAC! And it is worth its hype! A lovely neutral nude! Very universally flattering! I’ve seen it rocked on deeper skin tones in the centre looking SO gorgeous! And even pastey old me can get away with it! It is a brown/beige nude so I think that helps it suit but cooler and warmer complexions as there is no real contrast of undertones! Very lovely shade!

Creme Cup (Cremesheen) – I always thought this would be too cool and too pale for me! But every time I wear this I get complimented! Could be because it contrasts with my warmer complexion and looks quite striking. But it is a gorgeous baby pink nude! Not overly cool toned mixed with my pigmented lip colour! And just gives a girly feel to any look! I could not be without this lip colour and if I want to prettify any look, I go for this!

Verve (Satin) – This is the classiest deep brown nude! I wanted a replacement for Creme In Your Coffee but not such a sheeny finish! And this is everything I could want and more. I wear this when I want to look polished and put together! Simple neutral smokey eye and this gives me total Audrey Hepburn/Elizabeth Taylor vibes! I love this shade and the finish is to die for! Like I said, Satins are a more comfortable matte finish! Beautiful!

Freckletone (Lustre) – MY. PERFECT. NUDE! It is so warm, like a pale beige/terracotta! Such a unique shade I’ve never been able to dupe! If I could have one MAC lipstick only, it would be this! It’d HAVE to be! I’ve been through a whole tube before, and this is my second! And I adore it! It enhances my green eyes, goes with any eye look! It’s so strikingly different but so so wearable! I could not be without it ever!

See Sheer (Lustre) – I gambled with this one! I saw it Estee Lalonde and thought…ooo well isn’t that all kinda of gorgeous! And it was between this and Crosswires. But I went for this as it looked a little more pink over peach. And was slightly deeper, which was what I was after! It is my perfect pinky/coral lip! It brightens my sallow complexion so wonderfully! It has a bit of a blue undertone to it while still being lovely and warm! It replaced my beloved Fanfare and I find this is more wearable and “me” than Fanfare! That sheerness just makes it so much more natural and glossy!

Patisserie (Lustre) – Awwww, my first ever MAC lipstick. I know this is probably expired…and I should not have applied it too my lips. Smells kinda funky now. But I could not get rid of this! It is a beautiful pinky nude! So wearable; a “your lips but better” colour. Goes with any makeup look and I wore this to DEATH while still being super sparing with it as it cost so much! I will always have to keep this one because I saved so hard for my first ever MAC purchases! I think if I remember rightly I bought this and Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive, Nylon and Wedge eyeshadows! Goodness nostalgia just hit me! But I saved from my first every tattoos I did and put a little bit away every week and then we went Birmingham and I finally purchased them! And I was so elated and felt so grown up. I was 18…and felt like 30! Ahhhh, memories!

Honourable mentions! Right, I am totally serious when I said I excessively owned around 30 of these at one point! I worked exceptionally hard, saved super hard and would buy three every time I was in Birmingham! I was obsessed with collecting them and trying them all! But there are 5that will always have a place in my heart even though I do not own them anymore!

Brick ‘OLa (Amplified) – The most beautiful rusty red while still being neutral enough to get away with most looks! Like a redder Creme In Your Coffee! I wore this to DEATH! And used it all up! Which surprised me because it isn’t a nude lip! But I don’t know, it just captivated me and gave my looks a different twist!

Mocha (Satin) – The. Perfect. Terracotta. Lip. I’m serious! It had a smokey warmth to it while being gorgeously warm and orange but still nude enough to be wearable. I used this one up too and even tempted my mum, and she purchased one herself! And it looks stunning on her too. And she has pinker skin and deep brown eyes! It is universally flattering! Can be deepened with a chocolate lip liner or lightened with a nude in the centre! Gutted I don’t have this in my collection anymore!

Brave (Satin) – If I wanted to “pink” a look up but didn’t want to go as baby pink as Creme Cup, this was it! It had a gorgeous rich mauveness to it! And really enhanced the green in my eyes too! I used all of this up and was OBSESSED with how it looked with MAC eyeshadows Vex and Copperplate on my lids! I used to rock the cool tones too! And this was my go to Deeper Pinky Nude!

Creme In Your Coffee (Cremesheen)- My second ever MAC lipstick! I saw Samantha Maria (beautycrush) talk about this and it looked stunning with her green eyes! And was so polished and 1920s inspired that I knew I had to have it! It is a gorgeous deeper nude! Which I adore! And I was always complimented when I wore this for some reason! It made me feel very confident and grown up! This was the first MAC lipstick I ever finished!

Fanfare (Cremesheen) – The most beautiful warm pink! It isn’t too Barbie pink but is still definitely a pink lipstick over a “pink nude”. It has a lot of yellow tones in it which is why I think it flattered my skin tone so much, as there was no icy blueness in there! My go to pink that would girlify any look! I was completely obsessed that I used this up too!

PHEW! That was a lot of lipstick talk! But I thoroughly enjoyed writing this for you! What is your favourite finish of MAC lipsticks? Any shades that really gets your heart racing and your eyes bulging with excitement? I finally have enough used up enough MAC products for Back2MAC so I’m hopefully going to pick up another lipstick. I’m torn between Twig, Mehr or Taupe! To replace Brave/Mocha! I’m trying to think which I’m looking to replace first!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Any personal favourite MAC lipsticks yourself? Which was your first one?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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