First Impression | MUA Blushed Matte Powder Blushes

I am a blush ADDICT. It is without a doubt the one product I can’t resist and I will always justify purchasing them. They are my favourite product to apply, and it’s my favourite part of my makeup routine! It makes me feel really confident, and having a round face, I find it flattering on me! These looked similar to the Milani ones, but I likes the colour selection a lot more. Plus I got them for like £2 each! Bargain!

L/R – Rouge Punch, Papaya Whip, Rose Tea

Th packaging is very basic but I like it. It’s sleek, it closes to a snap which makes it nice and secure, and you can see the colour due to the clear top. Which makes it easy when deciding which blush to use!

The formulas are very lovely. And not just for the price. But in general, they are a really nice formula. A very thin and buildable texture. Nice and matte with a super natural finish. You won’t go too heavy with these, unless you go ham! But I like the ease of these products! They can be a really delicate flush, but you can build them up to be full on, which you know I love! I also love that they are embossed as a rose, I think that makes them so special! And really beautiful to look at! They look nice in my collection! Which is a bonus!

L/R – Rouge Punch, Papaya Whip, Rose Tea

Like I said, the first thing that attracted me to these over the Milani ones was the colour selection! The colour that caught my attention first was the Papaya Whip shade as it was reminiscent to one of my all time favourite blushes, MAC Gingerly! But just a little more creamsicle over terracotta. Which was a lovely addition to my collection! It really is stunning! It is a little paler, but you can built it up to a lovely flush or orangey goodness! Rose Tea is a beautiful, almost peony pink! Very fresh and neutral, so not overly yellow or blue! It is a beautiful girly flush of femininity! Such a delicate pink and makes me feel classy! Rough Punch is so gorgeous too! It reminds me, also in formula due to the buildable nature, off Pinch Me by MAC! And it is my perfect “I’ve been in a run” flush! It is the colour I flush to when I blush or work out so it looks so natural on my skin. But you can build it up, like I said, to the pigmentation I like my blushes to have!

All in all, I was so impressed, and I really loved the natural finish of these. They are matte, did I forget to mention that? So you can add a shimmery highlight for a bit of sparkle. I really enjoy how they are buildable, for a more customised pigmentation depending on how your feeling and what you’re wearing. I would highly recommend them, and not just for the price, but also the quality is lovely! I’ve tried more expensive blushes that I haven’t liked as much as these!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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