Full Review | Colourpop No Filter Concealer

I was so desperate to try this because RawBeautyKristi says it’s amazing and I see her use it all the time! And I love a lot what she recommends! As we have similar skin types and look for similar attributes to products! I mean, I’m talking like we are bffs, but she doesn’t even know I exist! But god I love her! She’s funny, honest, real….one might even say raw!? Anyway, this is about a concealer, and not my undying love for RawBeautyKristi….onto the review!!

I love the packaging. Lightweight, basic, travel friendly. Lovely doefoot applicator, which spreads the product out lovely! I appreciate they didn’t go big with the doefoot, like all the Shape Tape dupes. This is its own product, and rightly so!

The formula. Is everything. First off the colour is perfect. I chose 04, and it is pale but yellow toned! Something that is rare for me to find at an affordable price! Secondly, the coverage is great! I didn’t wear any foundation, and just popped this on redness and my under eyes, and I was like….holy cow. This made my skin look dreamy! Covers redness, and dark circles so well! I do need to double up the layers on blemishes, but it is buildable and doesn’t cake up on me, so that’s fine for me! I also really love that this is “self setting” as a natural matte finish. It isn’t crusty feeling, but it isn’t like an overly hydrating formula. It is definitely a matte finish, which I liked, even though I shouldn’t because I have dry skin! But hey, you like what you like, and matte skin is something I enjoy! This worked especially well under my eyes. It doesn’t crease AT ALL, under my eyes. And with that self setting property, I don’t even need to powder! Which is incredible for me, as I crease so badly under my eyes usually! I bought this for my best friend who also struggles with under eye creasing and she is equally as obsessed with this! I cannot fault it!

As you can see I was suffering a bit with my skin. Blemishes and redness. But this eradicated and neutralised that redness SO well. It looked so natural! And just settled everything down. I did only apply one coat of it on my redness for this picture, to show you how it looks. But with two coats, it does cover them completely! They are somewhat noticeable due to them being raised, not red after two coats! Very impressed! This is also with ZILCH powder! And look at those under eyes! Not a crease in sight! I’m struggling with texture a little under my eyes at this current moment, so it looks a little more exaggerated due to its matte finish. But after LOTS of nourishing eye cream it is settling and the concealer looks better now.

All in all I am massively impressed with this concealer! It is such a comfortable, matte finish, with no worries about creasing needed! I don’t even need to powder it which quickens my routine but also means I can SAVE my beloved Charlotte Tilbury powder which I’m currently using…and she expensive! Colour is perfect, finish is so natural and coverage is deliciously buildable! I cannot complain! Just the texture under my eyes but I tried my Naked concealer from a Urban Decay, which is super hydrating, and it still looks exaggerated. So I know it’s not the concealer that’s doing that, like the Elf concealer, which looked god awful under my eyes! I digress. Highly recommend this concealer, beautiful high quality product at a cracking price! One really can’t complain!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you have tried this! And what your thoughts are!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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