Makeup Play #6

I’m adoring playing with makeup again, and I have to say…I feel like this is my favourite series I’ve done. Simply because it is so freeing. I grab x amount of products and try to make a look with it! Or I get some similar coloured things, and go wild. This time I wanted to do something a bit asymmetrical and kind of funky looking. And I knew I wanted lots of glitter!

I started the look with a base, this time I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot, as always. I then took my Smashbox Cover Shot “Punked” Palette. And went into Anarkissed and applied that all over my lid and under my eye. I then went into a mix of Destroyer and Punked and stared to build up a grey tone, in the lower lash line, coming onto my cheekbone, and the inner most portion of my eye socket. Kind of there you wouldn’t normally apply darker colours, and would instead use blending to diffuse the area. But like I said, asymmetric was my goal. I then went into Combat Boots and a liner brush just round the very top edge of the outer eye wing. And then cleaned that line up with some concealer. I used my e.l.f Camo Concealer. I then took a domed fluffy brush and blended Combat Boots into that inner eye socked, blending into that grey shade but deepening the tone. I then took a clean brush, just to dissipate the pigment further down and out for a nice soft fade. GLITTER TIME! I took a black shiny cosmetic glitter and applied that over the top of the grey eyeshadow. Yes I’m aware it isn’t eye safe, but I’m very careful and do it at my own risk. I then went into my Makeup Revolution Glitter Bomb in Glitterazzi and pressed that’s over the top and it SET THIS LOOK OFF! Like jeeeeez, that was stunning! Insert heart eyes right here! I then applied lashes, this time I used Eylure 141 which was PERFECT for this look! Super fluttery but volumised! Finally I added my Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara and the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look. I loved doing something a bit quirky!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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