Project Pan | Update #4

I’ve been testing out loads of products recently for reviews. So I haven’t been as consistent in using these up recently. However I’m back on it, and very much enjoying the process of being able to use products up! So thought I would update you on how I’m getting in and the stages of use!

Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Professional Makeup Remover – Where is this, you might ask. WELL I finally finished the massive bottle that I bought in Edinburgh last year, and I did like it. However I found it wasn’t the best for removing eye makeup. Nevertheless I was persistent and finished it off, and now I am making my way through my The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, which I like a hell of a lot more!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – We are around half way down this bottle, and I am very much enjoying it. It does hydrate and moisten my face well before makeup application and also sets and refreshes the face when I am finished! No scent which is helpful on sensitive skin days. An all round good facial mist!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – I bloody love this! It is so hydrating, and feels so wonderful on my skin. We are about a third of the way down as I have been trying a lot more serums recently, however this is the one I will always come back to! And I know when I am out of it I will have to repurchase it as I cannot be without it! My skin is just obsessed with it! Love love love!

Obsession Mega Conceal (02) – This is a lovely concealer, and I’ll be honest, I have been lacking using it since my Colourpop No Filter Concealer! And then coming back to this, it just isn’t quite as good as the Colourpop. However I will certainly continue using it until it is all gone! But will I repurchase? Unsure, I have to say! I did love it in th beginning, and I don’t know whether it is just because it’s running low or whether I just don’t like it as much as my Colourpop one, but it just isn’t as wonderful as i remembered. We are about 2/3 of the way through it though, so not too much left!

MAC “Painterly” Paint Pot – The one product I have continued to use despite trying other products in my project pan categories. I just have nothing else that compares! It is so creamy and is the perfect base to my eyeshadows! I am making a pretty large dent into it as well, and will continue to until I finish it! Then onto Soft Ochre I go!

No7 Eyeshadow (Matte Mocha) – This is getting a larger pan hit by the second! Which is very satisfying….until you drop it. Which I did…but thankfully it didn’t break! I love this eyeshadow for my eyebrows. It’s the perfect colour! We have about a pinky finger nail size piece of pan visible now, which is pretty good but I expected more as I’m using it so frequently!

NYX Eyebrow Gel (Brunette)– All used up! Can’t squeeze a tiny nubbin out of it anymore! All gone! I’m into eyebrow pencils now though as they are quicker and more natural! If I was desperate for the carved out brow look again, I would always go back to this due to the consistency of the formula and the ease of it. But I am converted to pencils so currently I’m using the NYX Micro Pencil in Taupe!

BareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo – These are taking a beating currently, both the matte and glow sides! I like mixing the two sides together and get a customised illuminated matte finish! If that makes any sense! I have to be honest, my friend got me onto the Charlotte Tilbury Powder…which I have been using on and off. But I am vowing to use this up still, even if I do use the Charlotte Tilbury for special occasions.

Morphe High Impact Highlighter (Spark) – This is being used consistently still and I absolutely adore the way it makes me face light up! It is so pretty! And so natural and perfect for my skin tone. But can be built up for a blinding highlight also, when wetting the brush. Absolutely obsessed, as you can tell by the size of the pan that’s visible!

And that is my update on my Project Pan! Yes I have been playing with other products, that I have been unable to resist! But I’m back on it now! And hope to do another update before Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you taken part in your own version of Project Pan this year?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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